The Tendency Toward Plastic Surgery In The 21st Century

The Tendency Toward Plastic Surgery

The Tendency Toward Plastic Surgery

Much has been said about the progress of plastic surgery in the 21st century. In reality, the trend is a result of a simplification of the procedures involved. Therefore, women, the same as men, are unable to be absent from work for long periods of time. Modern surgical methods facilitate less invasive procedures and cut back on healing time.

 While the present-day aggressive labor market is highly demanding about appearance, it does not give people enough time to recover from major cosmetic surgeries. In reality, this need within the cosmetic surgery industry was one of the most important factors in developing the “simplification” of multiple plastic surgery techniques.

This trend toward simplification originated in the development of the MACS lift, Filling Products, and Botox® techniques that do not require patients to remain absent from day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

The “MACS lift” (Minimal Access Cranial Approach) is perhaps the most recent development of modern plastic surgery procedures to date. Created in 2001 by Belgian plastic surgeons Drs. Patrick L. Tonnard and Alexis M. Verpaele, this fast resolution ambulatory intervention offers the same result as a vertical face-lift by correcting age-related 'softness', loss of skin elasticity, and wrinkles of the face.

Alert to this reality, the C.C.P.R. - Center of Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation offers the cutting edge in face and body treatments. Performed under local anesthesia and without hospitalization, this procedure is affordable for everyone. This includes other common procedures such as the MACS lift, breast implants and liposuction, all of which are performed under local anesthesia. This method makes it possible for the patient to leave about one hour after the procedure. The only restriction during the post-operative period is to avoid physical exercise and direct sunlight for 30 days.

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by: Dr. Domingos Q. De Paola

2007-10-10 / Updated on: 2022-03-22

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