Barbados Medical Tourism

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Barbados: Destiny In Paradise

Barbados is a land of aqua seas, pristine sandy beaches, gorgeous tropical vistas and gentle, warm sunshine. The thought of Barbados evokes images of deserted beaches, beauty, and tropical wildlife. Fishing, sightseeing, and swimming vie with images of the best in nighttime entertainment and culture in the Caribbean. Barbados is a land of bright sunshine, multi-cultural island traditions, exotic food and history. It was a land of pirates and adventure that has grown into an ultimate tourist destination. Barbados is also a land of modern technology and medicine that attracts international visitors year-round.

Barbados in a Snapshot:

  • Currency - Barbadian dollar
  • Language - English
  • Climate - Tropical with mild year-round temperatures
  • Capital - Bridgetown

Nestled in the Caribbean, Barbados is a land rich in history, discoveries of which are still being made at its most ancient settlement of Port St. Charles. Settled by Indians, and then by the Portuguese and Spanish, the island was colonized by England in the 1600s until it won its freedom from British rule in the mid 1960s. The motto of Barbados, "Pride and Industry" serve the inhabitants well and has helped develop the small island into one of the world's ultimate tourist destinations.

Barbados, once home to large tobacco plantations, became one of the world's largest sugar growers and exporters. Today, Barbados is known as the ultimate holiday getaway, thanks to its temperate climate as well as some of the best shopping and dining in the Caribbean. The famous Saint James parish offers tourists historical attractions as well as a wealth of nighttime entertainment, fine dining, and accommodations in the area.

Visitors looking for outdoor adventure may enjoy deep-sea fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, or spending the day sleeping on warm, sandy beaches or snorkeling in the warm, clear, aqua-blue waters surrounding the island.

Barbados offers nature hikes and trails and world-class museums and cultural venues to delight any personality and desire. From shopping to dining to the ultimate in outdoor fun and rugged activities, Barbados has something to offer every age or interest. From her gorgeous beachfronts to jungle interiors and from deep sea fishing to her eco-friendly nature tours, Barbados is an adventure waiting to happen.

Why Health Tourism In Barbados?
In recent years, Barbados has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for international travelers from the United States, South America, South Africa and Europe. State-of-the-art treatments in fertility and infertility, cardiology, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, and dental and cosmetic dental medicine has drawn thousands of travelers to her sandy beaches and world-class medical facilities. A multitude of medical facilities, clinics and hospitals in Barbados are accredited by the JCI International, a U.S. Health accreditation organization body.

Medical tourism is growing around the world, and it is estimated that nearly 800,000,000 patients will travel beyond borders in 2010 for medical and health care, a great number of them to Barbados.

10 Fun Things To Do In Barbados

  • Visit the 300 year old Barbadian Sugar Estate Great House in Sunbury
  • Visit Barbados nightclubs along Bay Street and Saint Lawrence Gap
  • Take a Tall Ships Harbor Master Starlight Dinner Cruise
  • Go windsurfing along the South Coast
  • Visit Bath Beach, one of the most popular on the East Coast
  • Visit the Wildlife Reserve
  • Explore the Island on an ATV
  • Visit the Barbados Park Aquarium
  • Visit the Foursquare Rum Factory and Heritage Park in St. Philip
  • Enjoy a sailing cruise on a catamaran

No matter what brings you to Barbados, it's guaranteed that you'll never forget its people, sights, and beauty. From her teal and aqua seas to her rockin' nighttime entertainment, Barbados has earned her reputation as the ultimate island getaway vacation spot. Whether you've come to relax or to enjoy her superlative medical facilities and resorts, Barbados will entwine her beauty and grace into your heart forever.