Cancer is the blight of the modern age, being the most diagnosed disease around the world. It is also a disease that has high mortality rates, especially if caught late when it has already spread to different organs and affected multiple parts of the body. The very nature of cancer, the way it appears, the way it progresses, and the way in which it affects the body make it a very difficult disease to treat and to successfully recover from. Of course, the earlier it is caught, the greater the chances of surviving it, which is why it is always important to act fast and with deliberation in order to win the battle.

As countries differ in their knowledge and research into cancer, it is not surprising that people are looking abroad to find a cure for their cancer. Some countries offer cheaper treatments, while others, like Cuba, offer treatments that are not available anywhere else. But first, let’s see what the cancer treatments are all about.

Overview of Cancer Treatments

Cancer is usually categorized in one of the 4 stages when it is caught. The stages range from Stage 1 where it is caught early in its development and it is localized to Stage 4 where it has already spread to numerous other organs and treatment is virtually impossible. Depending on cancer’s stage, as well as some other factors, like age, overall health, previous treatments, etc. the doctor decides which course of treatment should be administered. There are a few ways that are used to combat cancer, and, most of the time, the treatment will be a combination of two or more ways.

Best Cancer Treatment in the World

The best ways to treat cancer are chemotherapy, radiation therapy (radiotherapy), biological therapy (immunotherapy), hormone therapy, and surgery. Each of these has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, while surgery has the least side effects, it cannot be relied upon to completely remove the cancer cells from the body. This is why surgery is usually combined with some other form of therapy, like chemotherapy, which, while sometimes having severe side-effects, is useful for destroying any cells that might roam the body. The main point is that cancer has to be caught early for any of these treatments to have any effect. 

The Cost of Cancer Treatments Worldwide

Cancer treatments worldwide vary greatly when it comes to their prices. There are many factors involved in this, but the deciding ones are the fact that almost every cancer case is unique, different stages of cancer research across countries, the application of new treatments and, of course, different overhead costs for the clinics in different countries.

If you take a look at Placidway, you can see that the average price for a cancer treatment around the world is $6,220. Considering this, one might assume that cancer treatments are not that expensive, however, if you look at the most expensive treatment package available, you will see that it costs $100,00. That amount of money will give you a Bone Marrow Transplant in the United States. The cheapest treatment listing on our website is just $650 for Chemotherapy in Mexico. The average price shows us that, even though there are really expensive cancer treatments out there, the majority of treatments around the world are not as expensive, and good, reliable, quality cancer treatment can be found at reduced prices, only if you look hard enough.

Best Country for Cancer Treatment in the World

Mexico, Turkey, Germany, India and Poland are some of the best countries for cancer treatments in the world where the costs are low compare to some developed countries.

Best Country for cancer treatment in the World

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Mexico is a place of choice for US citizens when deciding to go on medical treatment for almost all diseases and medical fields. It is simply close, has much better medical prices than the US, and it provides the patients with the same level of skill and quality that they would have in the US, since many expert US doctors open their clinics in Mexico because of lower overhead costs and other administrative costs. The cheapest treatment for cancer in Mexico is Chemotherapy, which costs only $650 dollars, while the most expensive is the Lung Cancer treatment which stands at $39,000. The average price for cancer treatment in Mexico is $6,287.


Turkey has recently seen an influx of highly skilled doctors and surgeons across all medical fields, but they have progressed the most in their cancer treatment research and application (which is arguably equal only to plastic surgery here). Now they offer high-quality cancer treatments at prices which are below even EU levels, which makes them quite affordable for the people in the West. The average price for a cancer treatment in Turkey is $16,500. The most affordable is a skin cancer treatment, which costs $650, while the most expensive is the bone marrow transplant, which costs $100,000. This is still a lot cheaper than bone marrow transplants in other countries, as we will see later.


India, as we have already explained in another article, has seen massive improvements in the quality of its medical service, both for the domestic patients and those coming from abroad. It was one of the goals to put India on the map of medical tourism, and they have succeeded in it through offering high-quality medical services at Indian prices. It seems to have worked, as India is among the leaders of the medical tourism statistics, especially when it comes to cancer. The average price for a cancer treatment in India is $5,750. The most expensive is the brain cancer treatment (as it is the most complicated type of cancer for treating) at $35,000. The cheapest treatment in India costs $400 for either kidney or thyroid cancer treatment.


Germans are used to providing high-quality services in whichever niche they take part. The same goes for medical services, and, more specifically, for cancer treatments. While being more expensive than some other countries, you can be almost 100% certain that your cancer will be cured in Germany, if it is possible. On average, the price for cancer treatment in Germany is $10,250. The most expensive treatment costs $23,350. The other treatments are well below this price, the next being a brain cancer treatment at $29,500. The least expensive treatment here is a kidney cancer treatment at $15,000.


Working with other countries since they have joined the EU, Poland has quickly increased the quality of medical services that they offer and adopted new trends used in treating all kinds of diseases, including cancer. Today, their doctors are considered to be among the best oncologists in the world and thousands of people each year come to this country to find a cure for their cancer. The average price for a cancer treatment in Poland is $2,000. Comparing that to their first neighbors, Germany, it is ;less than half of their average price. Those with brain cancer will have to pay the most in Poland, because the treatment costs $38,500, while those who have a need for radiotherapy can find it for only $85

Why Is Cancer Treatment so Expensive in Some Countries?

With cancer being the most dangerous blight of humans today, it would be logical that a lot of resources would be committed to fighting it, thus making the treatments more accessible to the population. While cancer research is subsidized in most countries, the clinics still have to charge foreign patients and earn enough money to cover other costs. Cancer treatment is by no means easy, it requires a lot of medications, highly skilled staff (which is very expensive to maintain), and some of the R&D price has to be paid, as well. All of this, but mostly the expertise, is what costs so much. These treatments are extremely complicated, no matter the type of cancer involved, and the prices reflect that. 

How to Choose the Best Clinic in the World for Cancer Treatment?

When it comes to cancer treatment, there should be little place for compromise. Such a tricky and deadly disease should be cured only by the most skilled if it is possible. Simply, it is not a disease that allows for retries and second chances (although it is possible in some cases, it is always best to not leave these things to fate). The simple recommendation here would be to take a good look at the possible options for your cancer treatment and choose the one which offers the most experience in combating this disease. Take a look at the oncologist’s previous patients, check the clinic’s and the doctor’s qualifications and certificates, and check whether the doctor is visiting conferences regarding cancer (to see if he/she is staying updated with the latest innovations in oncology). While we understand that money can be the deciding factor, when it comes to cancer it should not be, as cure is the only thing that matters in those situations. We also urge you to take a look at our posts describing which questions you should ask an oncologist, and what you should look for in a cancer treatment clinic.

If you have any questions about cancer treatments, different oncologists’ qualifications, prices, or clinics treating cancer, you can always contact us and receive further information!

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