Azerbaijan Medical Tourism

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Azerbaijan, also known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, is located at the crossroads between Asia and Eastern Europe near the Caspian Sea. Her immediate neighbors include Russia to the north, Armenia to the west, Iran to the south, and Georgia and Turkey to the northwest. A large majority of Azerbaijan population is Turkish, with a rich and diverse cultural heritage. With a culture that dates back to the Macedonian and Persian empires, Azerbaijan today is an independent country struggling for her place as a global economic and social structure. From the Caucasus mountain ranges to the Caspian Sea to her valleys and coastlines, Azerbaijan is a beautiful country, home to a number of national parks and state reserves.

Healthcare Environment
The healthcare system in Azerbaijan today is still uncomfortably close to decades-old Soviet Union healthcare delivery systems. Small doctor-to-patient ratios prevent a large number of rural Azerbaijan citizens from accessing adequate health care, high-tech emergency care treatments, or preventive medical care.

Why Are Azerbaijani Citizens Traveling Abroad for Treatment?
Azerbaijan's citizens and their neighbors are traveling across borders, most commonly into Turkey, for:

  • Internationally recognized healthcare organization and delivery systems
  • Quality healthcare not available in their own country
  • The latest in technology and equipment such as robotic surgery systems and CyberKnife technologies, both fast growing minimally invasive surgical technologies around the globe
  • Comprehensive care facilities
  • Access to affordable treatments and procedures
  • Availability of specialized surgical procedures and technologies
  • Heart specialists offering pacemakers, coronary artery bypass, angioplasty and heart valve or heart transplant
  • Cancer treatment utilizing the latest drugs and treatment techniques
  • Fertility treatments - PGD, IVF, ICSI, Clomid treatments and IVF with Gender Selection
  • Chronic disease treatment - COPD, diabetes, eating disorders, skin diseases

Where are Azerbaijani Citizens Traveling for Medical Care?
Azerbaijanis are traveling in great numbers to their neighbor country Turkey for access to physicians, surgeons and medical facilities and hospitals in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya. Many Turkish hospitals and facilities are JCI accredited, meaning they have obtained international standards in quality patient care, technology, and operating practices.
Large numbers of Azerbaijanis are traveling to Turkey for a variety of services in fields including:

  • Heart surgeries
  • Orthopedic
  • Spinal surgery
  • Weight loss and bariatric surgical procedures
  • Cancer care
  • Dental treatments
  • Fertility
  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Stem cell therapies

What to Take With You
Azerbaijanis anticipating international travel and medical care should contact the embassy of the country they wish to visit for list of requirements to obtain a passport and visa, if required by the destination country. Azerbaijani citizens wishing to travel to Turkey need to apply for an Official Passport with three month visa exemption with the Turkish Embassy/Consulate accredited in Azerbaijan. An Azerbaijani already holding a passport may obtain a visa sticker at international border gates for a one-month stay duration in Turkey.

Contact a medical facility directly or through, a major medical resource for international medical travelers regarding options and locations for the type of medical care you are interested in. Documents may include but are not limited to:

  • Medical records - including recent treatments/procedures
  • List of medications - don't forget to mention any allergies
  • Consultation or referrals from domestic health care provider
  • Detailed medical history - be prepared to answer questions regarding your social history and background.

Azerbaijani Traveling Abroad Should Discuss:

  • Costs - what are the costs of a medical travel package (accommodations, lab fees, physical exams, consultations, procedure costs) during the stay.
  • Prepayment requirements - and how facilities want to be paid. Do they take cash? Will Azerbaijani travelers need to convert Azerbaijan manat to foreign currencies? Will the facility take traveler's checks or credit card payments?
  • Details for prospective treatments - upfront payments or deposits?
  • Transportation Issues - Will facilities offer pick-up and drop-off services for arriving patients? Are taxis available, and if so, what are the rules regarding taxi rates?

Azerbaijanis traveling abroad for Medical Care are encouraged to research information and ask questions of their chosen facility your provider regarding travel and treatment arrangements.  Don't hesitate to ask questions, and always keep a copy of your contact information with you as you travel to your medical destination.