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Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe, surrounded by Germany to the west and north-west, Slovakia to the east, Austria to the south, and Poland to the north-east. The capital is Prague, which has 1.3 million residents.

The country's economy is advanced and in 2006 the Czech Republic became the first former member of the Comecon which achieved the status of a developed country. It is the 9th most peaceful country in Europe and a member of the European Union, the OECD, NATO, the OSCE, the Visegrad Group, and the Council of Europe.

The Czech Republic attracts thousands of tourists annually, who come here to visit and admire some of the finest Cubist, Art Nouveau and Baroque buildings in Europe. The country has rich traditions, history, and culture, as well as amazing sightseeing. The Czech Republic has a lot to offer, from chateaux and castles reminding of the powerful families, to hilltop ruins, spa towns, green forests, and amazing food.

Czech Republic in a Snapshot

Czech Republic in a Snapshot

  • Currency: Czech koruna
  • Language: Czech Language
  • Climate: temperate continental, with snowy and cold winters, and warm summers
  • Capital: Prague

The historical lands of Silesia and Moravia, the medieval towns  and folk buildings, as well as the vast forests, fields and meadows with wild flowers, make the Czech Republic a beautiful and unique place to visit. 

10 Fun Things to do in Czech Republic

10 Fun Things to do in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Top Medical Treatments & Facilities

  • Try some traditional Czech food
  • Take a walk on Charles Bridge in Prague
  • Try the strongest brew in the country, the X-Beer 33, with an alcohol content of 11.8%
  • Visit the Museum of Communism in Prague
  • Go to the Petrin Hill and visit the beautiful gardens, a miniature Eiffel Tower, the Church of St. Michael and a mirror maze
  • While in Prague, go and see David Cerny's public sculptures. You will be both amused and offended.
  • The Prague Castle will definitely take you back in time
  • The Astronomical Clock has attracted numerous curious crowds since 1490. Give it a try and see if you can decipher the complicated zodiac figures
  • Do bungee jumping from the Zvikovske bridge
  • Visit Prague's Old Town Square, filled with musicians, old churches and cathedrals, dance troupes and vendors

Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

Medical Tourism in Czech Republic

Czech Republic Top Medical Treatments in Europe

The Czech Republic has slowly become one of the top medical tourism destinations in Europe. The country offers highly trained specialists, excellent level of medical care, affordable prices, and a perfect place to recover after a surgery.

The Czech Republic has been a pioneer in many medical discoveries and developments. The soft contact lens and the discovery of the polarographic methods of analysis have been accomplished by two Czech professors. All the clinic and hospitals in the country know how important it is to offer high quality medical care and experienced surgeons.

The country is renowned for its excellent results in oncology, cardiology, infertility and eye surgery and procedures. Patients coming here have access to state-of-the-art robotic surgery, which implies faster recovery time, shorter hospital stay and significantly decreased possibility of complications.

The Czech Republic has managed to quickly leave behind its communism years and become a modern country. Its beauty, the people's hospitality and the excellent medical care, have made Czech Republic one of the top destinations for tourists and patients alike.

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