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Welcome to Cyprus

yprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. It’s an island of great beauty, with strikingly contrasting geographic features, ranging from golden sands to majestic forested mountains, green fields and villages that amaze with their unique traditions. Located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is blessed with one of the healthiest climates in the area.


Cyprus in a Snapshot

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek, Turkish

Climate: Mediterranean climate along the coast and Semi-arid climate around the capital city

Capital: Nicosia


Cyprus’ colourful history is reflected in the rich cultural life of the locals. Venetian walls, Crusader castles and Roman mosaics you can see everywhere are the proof of a history of over 10,000 years. After joining the European Union, Cyprus became a modern country, although it has retained its stone villages, bright resorts, citrus groves and green mountains.

Cyprus offers plenty of fresh products and meat delicacies. Tourists should also take full advantage of the fruits that are found in large quantities. Greek cuisine is very well represented over here. Some specific Cypru dishes are moussaka (minced meat baked with vegetables and served with a sauce made from eggs, flour and milk), souvlaki (beef baked with onions), and Greek salad. Once in Cyprus, you must try the meze (mezedhes) menu - a selection of various dishes based on meat or fish and various local specialties.


Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Cyprus offers the right combination of state-of-the-art medical care and leisure, which is why it has become increasingly popular among international patients worldwide. Many of the local medical professionals are highly trained in the UK and the US, and also have an extended experience. The healthcare institutions feature skilled, renowned doctors who make use of the latest technology and supplies to perform medical procedures. The cost of medical care (including the vacation) is, as well, very affordable, a fraction of the price that medical tourists would have to pay for the treatments and procedures in their home countries.


Cyprus Medicare Care

10 Fun Things to do in Cyprus

  • Explore Turkish and Greek attractions in old Nicosia
  • Take a picture of the Karpas peninsula donkeys - there are so many of them
  • Discover top ranking historical treasures, such as the Byzantine Painted Churches in the Troodos Mountains
  • Explore Paphos archaeological park
  • Admire the Kourion Ancient Theatre
  • Try the delicious cuisine
  • Swim out to Aphrodite’s Rock
  • Relax at the Omeriye Hamam, a famous old (and restored) Turkish bath
  • Go shopping - anywhere
  • Visit the Baths of Aphrodite


You will certainly not be disappointed in Cyprus! The medical care is flawless, the prices are low, and the places to see will definitely amaze and relax you.


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