Dr. Iva Brozicevic Dragicevic | Sports Psychologist | Selce, Croatia

Dr. Iva Brozicevic Dragicevic Sports Psychology Specialist Selce, Croatia

About - Dr. Iva Brozicevic Dragicevic

Dr. Iva Brozicevic Dragicevic became a member of expert division for sports psychology at the Croatian Psychology Chamber in 2006.

She is a member of the Croatian Society of Psychology, the Croatian Association of Sport Psychology (HASP) and the Section for Sport Psychology (HPD).

For many years she has been working as a sports psychologist in the field of sports injury prevention and rehabilitation with a focus on the psychological aspects of sports injuries. She collaborates with numerous top sportsmen and  associations and she participated in four Olympic Games as an expert associate.

At Terme Selce she works in the psychological counseling centre with children, teenagers, women and couples. She organizes anti-stress programmes for managers and weight-loss classes, and she also works in prevention and health enhancement programmes.

Education - Dr. Iva Brozicevic Dragicevic

Bachelor of Science in Medical Psychology degree, graduated from Jacksonville State University and was awarded a masters degree at the California State Polytechnic University, USA.

Membership - Dr. Iva Brozicevic Dragicevic

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