Dentures in Zagreb Croatia

Dentures in Zagreb Croatia


Get Affordable False Teeth in Zagreb Croatia - Best Place to Get Dentures

Have you ever wondered where people go for dental work when they are travelling outside of their home country? The opular destination for dental work and dentures is Zagreb Croatia. This is a country known for its beautiful smiles, and there are numerous options available when it comes to selecting the right dental care provider.

There are numerous types of dentists in Zagreb Croatia, and you can select the one who best meets your needs. There are many different services available, and you can even get dentures in Zagreb Croatia that look like your natural teeth. This is an excellent way to improve your smile and show off your pearly whites.

All-Inclusive Dentures Packages in Croatia

When looking for dentures in Zagreb Croatia, you should look for a package that fits your budget. There are numerous options available, and you can find a package that includes all required services. You can also find packages that include lodging, so you can stay somewhere while your dental work is being done.

You can even find packages that include airfare, allowing you to travel to and from your destination with ease.

Contact our PlacidWay team for more information on the various packages so you can choose the best one for you.

Dentures Cost in Zagreb Croatia

Dentures are comparatively cheap in Zagreb Croatia, when compared to other countries. There are numerous dental clinics that provide high-quality services at reasonable costs. In Zagreb Croatia, the average cost of a set of dentures ranges between $539 and $1078, which is quite affordable when compared to the US and UK. Many people cannot afford the high cost of dental treatment in their home country, so they turn to dental tourism.

Dentures Centers Cost Comparison in Zagreb, Croatia

Provider Procedure Price
B.Dent Dentures, Dentistry $539
B.Dent Dentures, Dentistry $1078
Dentures Cost Comparison in Croatia
Country Procedure Price
United Kingdom Dentures, Dentistry $1900
United States Dentures, Dentistry $1500

Best Dental Clinics in Zagreb Croatia for Dentures

Zagreb is home to some of  best denture clinics in Croatia. These clinics provide high-quality services and use cutting-edge technology to give their patients the best results possible.

If you are missing one or more teeth, dentures are an excellent way to restore your smile, and there are a number of experienced and qualified dentists who can assist you in selecting the best set of dentures for your needs.

Before making your final decision on the best clinic for dentures in Zagreb Croatia, you should consider a few factors.

First, look for a clinic that has experience fitting and creating dentures. There are numerous types of dentures on the market, and you should ensure that the clinic you choose has experience creating the type of denture that is best for you.

The cost is the second factor to consider when selecting a denture clinic in Zagreb Croatia. Dentures can be quite costly, so you'll want to find a clinic that charges reasonable fees.

Finally, make certain that the clinic you select is accredited by the Croatian Dental Association. This accreditation ensures that the clinic has met 

Watch Videos Related to Dental Treatments in Zagreb Croatia

The video below provides an overview of the dental work available in Zagreb Croatia. You will get to see some of the different types of procedures available, as well as the various clinics in Zagreb Croatia.

Dental Work in Zagreb Croatia Reviews

Many patients who have chosen dental tourism in Zagreb Croatia have had positive experiences. Zagreb clinics provide high-quality services at very reasonable prices. The staff at these clinics is extremely professional, and they ensure that the patients receive the best possible care.

Patients who have gone on dental tourism in Zagreb Croatia have said that they had a great time and would definitely recommend it to others. Zagreb clinics provide the best possible care and use cutting-edge technology. This ensures that the patients receive the best results possible.

FAQs about Dentures in Zagreb Croatia

Before making a decision, please read our FAQ for dentures in Zagreb Croatia. This FAQ section contains detailed answers to frequently asked questions about denture in Zagreb, Croatia.

Who Are the Best Dentists in Croatia?

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A dentist’s aim is to improve the patient’s life quality by treating and preventing oral disorders. A dental specialist performs several main duties in order to maintain oral health. A good specialist devotes time to helping patients by Educating the patient, Diagnosing dental diseases (such as gum disease, tooth disease, and oral cancer), Restoring decayed or damaged teeth and gum, Improving teeth function and appearance, Replacing lost teeth, Performing a variety of surgical procedures, Providing orthodontic treatment. Dentistry has a specific specialty, which requires further training. Some of the main specialties are: Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Pediatric dentistry. Croatian dentists are known to be excellent specialists, highly trained and with a good understanding of the patient’s needs. Societies and Associations your dentist should belong to: Croatian Dental Chamber Croatian Society for Dental Implantology Croatian Nobel Biocare team WomenDentistsWorldwide Best Dentists in Croatia: Dr. Tamara Kovacevic Miksic | Smile Studio | Rijeka, Croatia Dr. Tamara Kovacevic Miksic is an Esthetic Dentistry Specialist and Prosthodontist. She graduated dentistry from the School of Medicine (University of Rijeka) with the highest grades. She speaks Croatiant, English and Italian and, in order to provide top notch dental services for her patients, she regularly attends educational seminars.     Dr. Damir Miksic | Smile Studio | Rijeka, Croatia Dr. Damir Miksic is an Implantology specialist, educated in Croatia and abroad (Milan, Vienna etc.). He speaks Croatian, English, Italian and German. He owns the licenses for implanting Astra and Nobel Biocare systems and writes articles on dental matters.     Dr. Silvio Ferreri | Smile Studio | Rijeka, Croatia Dr. Silvio Ferreri is specialized in Orthodontics and speaks Croatian, English and Italian. He has an extended professional experience and visits regularly various education centres in United States and Europe. He has written and published numerous articles in science magazines and lectures at dental symposiums.     Dr. Miljena Mia Girotto| Smile Studio | Rijeka, Croatia Dr. Miljena Mia Girotto is a Periodontologist and Implantologist and speaks Croatian, English, Italian and German. She was educated in Croatia (School of Medicine, University of Rijeka) and United States (UCLA). She attends international symposiums and is an editor for a patient-oriented stomatological magazine entitled Smile.     Dr. Ljilja Pantalon | Pantalon Dental Practice | Zadar, Croatia Dr. Ljilja Pantalon has extended working experience. Plus, she is continuously interested in receiving professional education and training. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb, worked as a military practitioner and left the army ranked as a Captain First Class Croatian Army. She started her private practice afterward.      Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist 1. Are you certified? 2. May I know what your qualifications are? 3. Are you a member of any association or society? 4. How many years of experience do you have? How often have you performed this procedure? 5. Did you undergo training in this procedure? 6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure? What about the risks and complications? 7. Where will the procedure be performed? 8. What if something goes wrong during or after the procedure? 9. What does the recovery consist of? 10.  What if I am not happy with the results?    

Which are the Best Dental Clinics in Croatia?

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Top dental clinics in Croatia Dental Clinics in Croatia are affordable and provide a high standard of dental care. The clinics offer a wide range of dental services including general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. You can also find clinics specializing in specific dental needs such as periodontal disease or implant surgery. Dental clinics in Croatia use the latest technology and equipment to provide the best possible care for their patients. They also have a team of skilled and experienced dentists who can offer a wide range of treatment options. A dental clinic in Croatia is excellent choise if you are looking for an affordable and convenient option for your dental care needs. Best 3 Dental Clinics in Croatia B.Dent Located at the heart of the western part of the city of Zagreb, Croatia, B.Dent is a renowned dental clinic that offers high-quality dental care. All patients here benefit from modern dental techniques and materials and a highly qualified medical team. Dentivo Dentivo, located in Matulji, Croatia, is a dental surgery center with a dental laboratory equipped with the latest technology and following the global trends in dental diagnostics and therapy. Croatia Dental Care Croatia Dental Care, located in Split, Croatia, offers local and international patients cutting-edge technology, a highly professional team of experts, and excellent dental treatments and procedures. The clinic will impress at first sight with its luxurious and modern equipment, and highly sophisticated technology and materials. Why Choose Dental Clinics in Croatia? Croatia is among the top medical destinations offering international patients competitive and affordable health care. Patients from South and North America and Europe travel to Croatia for comprehensive medical facilities and a flawless healthcare system.   If you want to know more about dental clinics in Croatia. Click the contact us button below.

Best Dentist in Zagreb Croatia for Dentures

Zagreb is most populous city in Croatia, has a large number of dentists who can provide patients with high-quality dentures. Denture patients in Zagreb Croatia have many options, and the city's dental clinics provide a variety of services to meet their needs.

When looking for a dentist in Zagreb for dentures, it's important to consider the dentist's experience as well as the cost of the procedure. There are many experienced dentists in Zagreb who offer reasonable rates, so make sure you find a clinic that provides the services you require at a price you can afford.

Dr. Andrea Burazin Kurti

Bio Dr. Andrea Burazin Kurti attended the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. She graduated in 20...

Dr. Jelena Bursic Kadic

Dr. Jelena Buršić Kadić attended the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb where she gra...

Why Choose Dental Tourism in Zagreb Croatia?

Dental tourism in Zagreb Croatia has grown in popularity in recent years as patients from all over the world seek high-quality, low-cost dental care. Zagreb Croatia provides a wide range of dental treatments, ranging from simple procedures such as teeth whitening to more complex procedures such as implants and veneers.

There are numerous benefits to choosing dental tourism in Zagreb Croatia. First and foremost, the care is of the highest quality. Croatian dentists are highly trained and experienced professionals who use cutting-edge technology and techniques to provide their patients with the best care possible.

Second, dental care in Zagreb Croatia is significantly less expensive than in other developed countries. As a result, Croatia is an appealing destination for patients looking to save money on dental care.

Finally, Zagreb Croatia is a lovely place with a rich cultural and historical heritage. You can enjoy a vacation in a beautiful country while receiving high-quality, affordable dental care if you choose to have your dental work done in Zagreb Croatia.

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