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Croatia Dental Care in Split, Croatia Reviews From Real Dental Treatment Patients

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About Croatia Dental Care

Croatia Dental Care, located in Split, Croatia, offers local and international patients cutting edge technology, highly professional team of experts and excellent dental treatments and procedures. The clinic will impress at first sight with its luxurious and modern equipment, and highly sophisticated technology and materials. The dental experts working at Croatia Dental Care are dedicated to their profession and really know how to make this experience a pleasant one.

Dental Implants in Split, Croatia Reviews at Croatia Dental Care

  • Biljana

    Top service and quality.

    Google Mar 06 2022
  • josko

    Top service and treatment! I recommend to everyone

    Google Mar 07 2022
  • Ancica

    Very good team ... professional ... great recommendation

    Google Mar 24 2022
  • Dalila

    i had to clean my teeth. it was sort of a hard experience. very long. they realy invested in it.... tnx.

    Google Apr 11 2022
  • James

    I have been travelling regularly to Split from the UK for dental treatment at Dental Care Croatia. I am having teeth re aligned with braces on upper and lower jaw. The treatment and care I have received has been first class throughout. The clinic is passionate about their work and they have been supportive, flexible and professional throughout. I would highly recommend to anyone to consider travelling to Split and this dental practice for their treatment.
    The location is ideal for hotels and restaurants and makes sense if you also want to do any tourist activities, of which there are many.
    Split airport is newly extended and very efficient, while transfers run every 30 mins or 1hr into town, for about £5. Takes 30 mins.

    Google Apr 19 2022
  • Vinka

    I thank the whole team for the professional and very kind approach to the client. The Pinhole method I have done is excellent, done superbly and passed successfully, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs it. Praise!

    Google Oct 22 2021
  • Clare

    My husband and I have received top quality care from both Dr Jezina, Dr Prentic-Bakic and their teams. We travelled from UK specifically to receive treatment following significant research into finding expertise that we had trust in.
    I am terrified of visiting the dentist following a childhood accident, falling over and smashing my front teeth at the age of 10. I was made to feel very much at ease, I had confidence in the teams ability to look after us and have been delighted with the treatment received so far. As a research scientist myself it was evident that Dr Jezina and Dr Prentic Bakic were trained at a very high level and were using the most current methods to treat their patients. I received multiple root canals, 1x implant and cleaning. My husband equally nervous received exceptional care to fix a mis aligned jaw and straighten and level up his teeth. He continues to receive treatment and his teeth already look amazing.
    Thanks to you all. Very grateful to you for giving back our confident smiles!! See you in January.

    Google Nov 23 2021
  • Zvonimir

    Great experience and outstanding service. The location of the dental practice is excellent, and the personal is serviceable and top professional. I recommend all the services that this office provides!

    Google Nov 10 2021
  • Cvetko

    I have known Dr. Jezina since she was born. Through the years I have been a patient at her clinic many times. My latest experience is something to be remembered and praised. She worked simultaneously on 5 crowns and one implant. Today she finished everything and I can enjoy my dinner.
    Her professional handling of the work is supported by another doctor and a number of wonderful medical assistants and technicians. If it exists , wonderful to be at a dentist this is the place!
    Thank you all for treating me well, friendly, with passion and understanding. I wish you success and prosperity.
    Love you all!!
    Dr. C. Nikolic

    Google Nov 30 2021
  • Luka

    Top service.

    Google Dec 30 2021