Dr. Lilly Murillo| Prosthodontics Specialist | Costa Rica

Dr. Lilly Murillo Prosthodontics Specialist San Jose, Costa Rica

About - Dr. Lilly Murillo

Dr. Lilly Murillo has a degree in general dentistry and as dental surgeon. Dr. Murillo has also a Fellowship in Prosthodontics from the Universidad de Costa Rica, and in 2009. She got a Master´s degree in Prosthodontics (graduation in process for February 2011).

  • Dr. Murillo’s practice is based on aesthetic dentistry either on implants or directly on the natural teeth. The aesthetic dentistry is the main concern in the dental treatment without ignoring the function.
  • Dr. Murillo has several publications and in 2006 she won the first place of the Case Report category in the National Congress of Odontology with a poster named Ellaboration of a Palate Obturating Total Prosthesis on a Patient with Cleft Palate.

Education - Dr. Lilly Murillo

Lilly Ana Murillo D.D.S., graduated from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, Faculty of Dentistry, in 2004

Membership - Dr. Lilly Murillo

Member of the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica (Association of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica) since 2005 with No. 292305.

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