Dr. Ioannis Perdikis | Urologist | Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr. Ioannis Perdikis Urologist Thessaloniki, Greece

About - Dr. Ioannis Perdikis

9 months in A’ General Surgical Clinic of General Hospital in Drama.
26 months in Urological Clinic of General Hospital in Drama.
27 months in A’ Urological Clinic of University of Thessaloniki.


  • Hellenic Urological Association,
  • EuropeanAssociation of Urology


a) Urinothorax – an underdiagnosed cause of acute dyspnea: report of a bilateral and of an ipsilateral Urinothorax case.
b) Urethral hairballs as a long-term complication of hypospadias repair: two cases report.
c) Papillary cystadenoma of epididymis: Is there a need for further investigation in unilateral cases?

Poster - Presentations:

  • 7th Macedonian Urological Symposium:      
1. “Urethral Trichobezuar”
2.”Carcinom in the cortex of glandulae suprarenalis”.
  • 11th Hellenic Congress Surgical Infections: “Our 15 years old experience in Fournier gangrene”.
  • 20th Hellenic Urological Congress: “Therapeutic approach at Urethral Trichobezuar.  
  • 16th Hellenic Congress of Internal Medicine: “Diagnosis of Leptospirosis and symptoms of febrile urinary infection”.
  • SEEM 2014 EAU 10th South Eastern European Meeting: "Evaluation of PSA before and after prostate biopsy. Could this change define the existence of prostate cancer? »

Education - Dr. Ioannis Perdikis

Medical School of University of Belgrade

Jesse Tino