Dr. Pichansak Bunmas | Plastic Surgeon | Pattaya, Thailand

Dr. Pichansak Bunmas Plastic Surgeon Chonburi, Pattaya, Thailand

About - Dr. Pichansak Bunmas


  • Certified Thai board of plastic and reconstructive Surgery.
  • Certified Thai board of general surgery.

Fellowships & memberships

  • International followship of plastic and reconstructive surgery,ASAN Medical Center Korea.
  • International followship of plastic and reconstructive Surgery,Chung Gung Memorial Hospital,Taiwan.
  • International speaker of micro-fat and adipocyte stem cell for face , breast , buttock.
  • Member of Asian Hair Restoration Surgeon.
  • International speaker of nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)
  • International speaker of facial contouring (V-line surgery)

Special Interst:

- Fat Transfer and SVF; adipocyte  stem cell for facial recontouring ; anti- aging/ facial rejuvenation

- Fat-SF;adipocyte  stem cell transfer for breast augmentation.

- Fat/SVF;adipocyte stem cell transfer for buttock augmentation and buttock lift.

- Fat/SVF; adipocyte stem cell transfer for hand  rejuvenation .,  extremity correction ., scar correction.

- Rhinoplasty and correction Rhinopasty

- Eyelid surgery

- Dolly eye surgery

- Facial contouring e.g.  v-shape surgery , Face lift , Turkey Neck surgery.

- Facial bone surgery e.g. Malarplasty (Zygomatic bone reduction).,Mandibular angle reduction.,genioplasty.

- Endoscopic face lift;endoscopic forehead and brown lift.

- Breast surgery (Breast augmentation ;breast lift and breast reduction )

- Body contouring with liposuction

- Sex change operation (Male and Female)

- Hair transpiration.

- Botox injection(Vplast technique for face lift and facial rejuvenation )

- Cell therapy for facial rejuvenation.

- Filler injection

- Laser therapy (Thermage;ulthera;low level laser therapy; co 2 laser;Nd Yag;IPL)

Education - Dr. Pichansak Bunmas

Obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2001 from the Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, Mahidol University.

Membership - Dr. Pichansak Bunmas

President of V Plast Clinic

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