Carine Vloemans, Senior Physiotherapist & Alternative Therapist - Thessaloniki, Greece

Aigaiou 5 with Ainou 1 Kalamaria Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, Greece
Speciality: Senior Physiotherapist & Alternative Therapist,
Languages: English
Degree: Senior Physiotherapist & Alternative Therapist
Focus Area: Carine Vloemans | Physiotherapist | Manual Therapist | Acupuncture | Reiki | Traditional Chinese Medicine | Thessaloniki, Greece

About - Carine Vloemans


At IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies you are treated personally by the renown and experienced Dutch physio and alternative therapist, Carine Vloemans.

Carine Vloemans qualified herself as a physiotherapist and manual therapist in the Netherlands in 1985. She moved to Greece and opened her own practice/clinic in 1989. After working with several collegues in IASIS for 12 years, she now operates IASIS on her own.

In Greece, USA and Bulgaria she qualified herself in alternative/complementary health modalities. She is even teacher of some of those modalities.

Professional achievements:

Certified physiotherapist ( member of the 'association of physiotherapists', Greece)

Certified for Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese medicine), Abdominal acupuncture

and applies also other modern systems of acupuncture like Spiritual Acupuncture and Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture. ( Bulgaria & Greece)

Certified Reiki '3' (Practitioner and Master/ teacher) ( Greece & USA)

Certified Etheric Body Therapist ( & teacher) ( Greece & USA)

Certified Reader of the Auric Rays ( & teacher) ( Greece & USA)

Certified Rejuvance facial massage therapist ( & teacher) ( Greece)

Teacher/ counselor of  Consciousness Awakening.

Senior Mentor for other therapists. 

Procedures performed:

  • physiotherapy/manual therapy
  • acupuncture
  • energy based therapies
  • cosmetic facial treatments


Carine Vloemans qualified herself as a physiotherapist and manual therapist in the Netherlands in 1985.


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Orthopedic Physical Rehabilitation in Germany$2661 - $8287Enquire
Neurology Rehabilitation in Greece$7783Enquire
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IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies reviews

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    With a few acupuncture sessions, my digestive system and my mood as a whole improved. Consistent, kind and with knowledge and experience Carine, I highly recommend her as a therapist

    Google Feb 02 2022
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    Karine is an excellent physiotherapist and is great with acupuncture. Highly recommended .

    Google Feb 25 2022
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    Carine is a very good therapist, who makes accurate diagnosis and gives good helpful therapy! I gladly recommend her to you and all who seek helping hands to lift the pains!

    Google Feb 09 2022
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    After only 6 times of treatment at Carine I feel much better and the back pain I had disappeared. He did acupuncture for me my first time and you. The discussions in a good atmosphere also helped the exercises he recommended for me at home. Carine is a pleasant person with extensive experience in alternative therapies. I recommend her to everyone !!

    Google Mar 17 2022
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    Karin is very friendly and professional in her work, I was very happy.

    Google May 19 2022
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    Mrs. Karina did acupuncture and physiotherapy to my aunt this summer.
    The result was impressive!
    My aunt's hands and especially her left hand could not hold anything, it was very sore and swollen.
    Her legs and waist also hurt a lot.
    It is now 99% very very very good!
    Mrs. Karina, thank you for helping my aunt get well!

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