Dr. Ghassan F.Nakad | Cardiologist | Dubai | UAE

Dr. Ghassan F.Nakad Cardiologist Dubai, UAE

About - Dr. Ghassan F.Nakad

Radial Access Procedures
Bifurcations and complex lesions angioplasty
Structural Heart Disease
Transesophegal Echocardiography
TDI and Speckle Tracking Echocardiography

Education - Dr. Ghassan F.Nakad

Dr. Ghassan has completed his medical training in internal medicine and cardiology at Lebanese University  Beirut & his advanced interventional cardiology training at the University hospital of Liege - Belgium.<br>He has wide experience in echocardiography (TDI, Speckle Tracking, Strain studies, TEE, Stress Echo) and non invasive testing including coronary CT and cardiac MRI.<br>Dr. Ghassan was involved in teaching undergraduate students and cardiology fellows both invasive and non invasive cardiology.<br>Dr. Ghassan is well experienced in interventional cardiology (Valvuloplasties, PFO/ASD Closures, Simple and Complex Angioplasties via Radial or Femoral access) from Belgium.

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