Dr. Mouhamed Mounier Alwaw | Gastroenterologist | Sharjah | UAE

Dr. Mouhamed Mounier Alwaw Gastroenterologist Sharjah, UAE

About - Dr. Mouhamed Mounier Alwaw

Treatment of biliary and pancreatic tract illnesses( biliary stones extraction-stricture dilatation-tumor detection and stenting )
Early detection of colon cancer
Internal bleeding haemostasis(stopping)
Treatment of obesity by gastric balloon

Education - Dr. Mouhamed Mounier Alwaw

Dr. Mounier has more than 12 years of experience in the field of Gastroenterology.<br>After his Masters and AFS (from France) in Gastroenterology, he joined Al Kindi Hospital  Homs (Syria) where he was the Head of the Endoscopy Department.<br>He organized regular courses for training the new Gastroenterologists while at Al Kindi Hospital.<br>Before joining Zulekha Healthcare Group, Dr. Mounier was associated with Al Fayhaa Hospital  Damascus (Syria).

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