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Transfusion Medicine.
Clinical pathology

Education - Dr. Rajesh Saroday

Dr. Rajesh has more than 15 years of experience in Pathology Haematology and Blood banking at various hospitals in India and abroad.
He has worked as a Specialist in Haematology & Blood Bank In charge at SGH (Najran province) MOH KSA. He has also worked as lecturer in the Blood Bank at Medical Post Graduate Institute & Super Specialty Hospital, Nagpur as well as a lecturer in Pathology at the Government Medical College Nagpur, India.
He has also held various positions such as: the Chair of Hospital Transfusion Committee BUTRC) and participating in external proficiency testing (EQAS) such as CAP, Dia-Med, Bio-Rad & RIQAS.
Completed internal auditor course- ISO : 15189 (DAC/DM)

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