Dr. Ana Eugenia Aguilar Aguirre , Aesthetic Dentistry & Alternative Medicine - Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia
Associated Center: Medellin Dental Cluster
Speciality: Aesthetic Dentistry & Alternative Medicine
Languages: Spanish
Degree: Dentist, CES University; Diploma in Alternative Medicines applied to Dentistry.
Focus Area: Dr. Ana Eugenia Aguilar Aguirre | Best Aesthetic Dentistry Doctor | Nonpharmacologic Therapies | Alternative Medicines | Fixed Dental Prosthesis | Dental Restoration | Medellin Health City | Medellin, Colombia

About - Dr. Ana Eugenia Aguilar Aguirre

Educational Background

  • Dentist Degree at CES University.
  • Diploma in Quality Management.
  • Diploma in Nonpharmacologic Therapies.
  • Diploma, Diploma in Alternative Medicines applied to Dentistry.

Dr. Ana Eugenia Aguilar Aguirre currently works at PROMTA Dental Clinic, she has over 28 years of experience in fixed prosthesis and dental aesthetics. She speaks Spanish language, and she attends over1700 patients every year.


- Dentist, CES University. - Diploma in Alternative Medicines applied to Dentistry.


Dr. Ana Eugenia Aguilar Aguirre is an Active Member of:

  • The Study Group of Laser Dentistry, and Nonpharmacologic Therapies


Medellin Dental Cluster Prices in Medellin ColombiaPricesEnquire
Dental Implants in Medellin, Colombia$1090Enquire
Crowns over Implants in Medellin, Colombia$1350Enquire
Dental Crowns in Medellin, Colombia$390Enquire
Cosmetic Dentistry in Medellin, Colombia$430Enquire
Teeth Whitening in Medellin, Colombia$230Enquire
Dental Fillings in Medellin, Colombia$40Enquire
Dental Veneers in Medellin, Colombia$160Enquire
Root Canal in Medellin, Colombia$120Enquire
Deep Cleaning in Medellin, Colombia$30Enquire
Tooth Extraction in Medellin, Colombia$40Enquire

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