Dr. Ertan Etemoglu | Dentist in Istanbul, Turkey, General Dentistry - Istanbul, Turkey

Ozel Etemoglu Agiz ve Dis Sagligi Poliklinigi, Atakoy Towers 7-8-9-10. Kisim E-5 No:20 7th Floor Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
Associated Center: Tower Dental Clinic
Speciality: General Dentistry,
Languages: English
Degree: Gazi University, School of Dentistry, Ankara, Turkey 1996
Focus Area: Dental Treatment Doctor | Istanbul | Turkey | Tower Dental Clinic | Dr Ertan Etemoglu | Dental Implant | Dental Crown | Dental Bridges | Dental Veneers | Bone Graft | Sinus Lift | Teeth Whitening

About - Dr. Ertan Etemoglu | Dentist in Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Ertan Etemoglu | Dentist in Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Ertan Etemoglu | General Dentistry Dentist in Istanbul, Turkey by Tower Dental Clinic

Biography of Dr. Ertan Etemoglu – General Dentistry

Dr. Ertan Etemoglu provides the best Dental Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. Book consultation now Dental Implant, Dental Crown, and Dental Bridges at Dr. Ertan Etemoglu. He has more than 25 years of experience in dentistry with main focus on dental implants. He has specialty in Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Endodontics, General Dentistry and Implantology. He is currently working at Tower Dental Clinic.

Dr. Ertan and team of dentist at Tower Dental Clinic are dedicated to making sure that every patient walks out with a smile on their face. We offer crowns, bridges and implants among other services so call us today if you need any help!

Dr. Ertan and team dedicated their work and offer personalized treatment in order for each patient's needs can be met. The clinic has a policy of honesty, privacy as well quality improvement that is monitored by the General Health Commission.

In which they strive towards constantly progression with new technologies or methodologies helping identify areas where there may potentially improve more so than before. Such things like identifying who should receive specific treatments based off epidemiological data analysis rather than relying simply on clinical observations alone.

Make sure to do your consultation with Dr. Ertan Etemoglu and explain about all dental problems you have, so that you can get best advice and solution that suit with your need. For more information or if you want to start your counseling today, click button below:

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Experience and Education of Dr. Ertan Etemoglu | General Dentistry Dentist in Istanbul, Turkey by Tower Dental Clinic


  • Specialists in Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Specialists in General Dentistry, Endodontics and Implantology
  • 25 years of experience in dentistry on dental implants

Languages Spoken

  • English and Turkish

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Membership of Dr. Ertan Etemoglu | General Dentistry Dentist in Istanbul, Turkey by Tower Dental Clinic

  • Dentists Certified by the Turkish Dental Association

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Tower Dental Clinic Prices for Treatments in Istanbul TurkeyPricesEnquire
Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey$520Enquire
Dental Crowns in Istanbul, Turkey$190Enquire
Dental Veneers in Istanbul, Turkey$250Enquire
All on 4 Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey$7207Enquire

Tower Dental Clinic reviews

  • User Profile Image

    Raad q


    After I mad 25 crowns with them and went back to the uk
    Pain never stopped couldn’t eat or drink couldn’t support any hot or cold water touching my tooth
    I was in pain killers for over 3 weeks

    They reserved my a new ticket to come back to fix the damages they made
    But even though they decided to make me 3 root canal for 3 tooth even though I had explained to them that the pain is in more than just 3 tooth I’m having pain in more than 7 or 8 tooth and needed to do root canal to all of them
    But they wanted to do the minimum work and send me back to the uk

    When they sold me the crowns to put on my teeth and take the money they said its
    20 years garnered
    But its not even 6 months and they stopped to recognise the job done !!!!! Absolutely not professional clinic

    All they care about is to take the money .

    and I’m still suffering and in pain in every day without any solution

    and because they got me bake once to Istanbul without doing the full job
    They say NOW it’s psychological problem can you believe that !!!

    And when I tell them that the dentist in the uk
    Says that my tooth need to get the nerves out
    At this level to stop having pain which is something they should do but they didn’t

    because they just won’t to got the money and go to the new patient in the fastest time
    Without doing the job as it should be done or taking care of the person in pain

    They said that the English doctor are jealous
    And bad mouth as they lose money
    Because the Turkish doctor are better
    Can you believe that again !!!!

    I have all documents to prove my story and I’m putting some of the chatting between me and the brother of the owner of the clinic
    ( The manager of the clinic)
    With his picture and phone number on the chatting on WhatsApp
    The worst person you might deal with
    Or trust at all

    This clinic maybe use to be a good clinic in the past
    but now they are one of the worst ever and can’t be trusted as all they care about is your money and not your good health

    Now I will sue them as soon as I can
    and ask for a refund for the new cost for the damages the made me .
    And now I must go to another dental clinic to fix the damages they had done and don’t won’t to recognise.
    As it’s impossible to live with this pain for long


    Jan 22 2023
  • User Profile Image


    My name is Adil from Canada, Montreal. I was with them a month ago. I did a complete dental implantation. Frankly, thank you and appreciation to this clinic. A special thank you to all the medical staff, assistants and drivers, all of them. A great welcome, appointments and very good service, I thank Sister Nisreen for everything, in all respects I thank her more. Thank you all for great service. I advise ⚘people to contact them⚘

    Google Jun 10 2022
  • User Profile Image


    Good service very friendly people we are very happy that we chose towers dental

    Google Jun 10 2022
  • User Profile Image


    The clinic is great, everything perfectly clean, each of its workers, receptionists, doctors, nurses, interpreters, are wonderful people, who will make you feel very good, and will help you with any problem or doubt, do not be afraid to ask any type of dental treatment, I got veneers and implants, and I could not be more delighted....they are very professional, and they explain everything perfectly.

    Google Jun 13 2022
  • User Profile Image


    The welcome is very warm. I came for dental implants and was delighted by the professionalism and warm welcome from everyone. The steps are well explained in all languages. We are carefully monitored at each stage of the procedure and the result is there.

    Google Jun 14 2022
  • User Profile Image


    Overall I have mixed feelings about my experience at the clinic. On the dentistry part, although my care is not finished yet, I can say its very professional and I believe I will be happy with the final result.
    The clinic staff is very welcoming and kind.
    But I wish the communication was better and also less waiting time.
    I came for implants on a first visit, and then was supposed to get crowns on a second trip 3 months later. But instead, we are already doing the crowns now, which I found out the night before we started and I was not prepared to pay this much now.
    I also struggled to eat as some of the temporary teeth did not hold long enough.
    I understand the difficulty of working with people coming from abroad, speaking different languages, etc... But still I think communication and waiting time could be improved.
    But I guess the most important part is the dentistry and so far so good on that point.

    Google Jun 17 2022

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