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Associated Center: Dr. Zacarias Galo Sanchez
Speciality: Stem Cell Therapy,
Languages: English,Spanish
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Dr. Zacarias Galo Sanchez Sanchez | Top Stem Cell Orthopedic Doctors

Dr. Zacarias Galo Sanchez Sanchez, Stem Cell Orthopedic Doctors provides the best Orthopedic Surgery in Madrid, Spain. Book your consultation today. Dr. Zacarias Galo Sanchez has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology from the Hospital del aire in Madrid. Throughout his medical career he has specialized in joint and self-regenerative surgery using mesenchymal Stem Cells

Stem cell orthopedic doctors, Dr. Zacarias currently perform his medical work at the Santa Elena Clinic in Madrid, where he is head of the Joint Surgery Unit. So far, Zacarias Galo Sanchez Sanchez has treated patients with various problems such as Supraspinatus Tendon Rupture, Chondromalacia Patella, Osteoarthrosis, and Meniscopathy. He is also proficient in Spanish and English, so patients will not find it difficult to have consultation with Dr. Zacarias. 

Zacarias Galo Sanchez Sanchez's experience is also very significant, such as being a Specialist in Air Health Logistics, Air Force, 1990 and Flight Doctor, in Air Force, 1985. Armed with his experience, this makes him a qualified doctor and knows what patients need to be better than before. His current specialization is in the field of Aarthroscopy and also Regenerative Traumatology, especially for orthopedic problems experienced by patients.



Experience and Education of Dr. Zacarias Galo Sanchez Sanchez | Stem Cell Orthopedic Doctors in Madrid, Spain


  • Degree In Medicine And Surgery, Universidad Autónoma De Madrid, 1978 


  • Specialist In Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Hospital Del Aire, 1985 

  • Specialist In Air Health Logistics, Air Force, 1990 

  • Flight Doctor, Air Force, 1985 

Languages Spoken 

  • English and Spain



Costs of Stem Cell Therapy procedures in SpainPricesEnquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in Barcelona, Spain$6169Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in Extemadura Autonomous Community, Spain$2559Enquire
Adult Stem Cell Therapy in MADRID, Spain$15000Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in Malaga, Spain$1003 - $8289Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss in Marbella, Spain$1320Enquire

Dr. Zacarias Galo Sanchez reviews

  • Juan

    Great professional, he has attended me on several occasions and I am very satisfied.

    Google Apr 01 2022
  • Maria

    Great Doctor, I have been to your consultation several times with excellent results.

    Google Apr 07 2022
  • ormonibo

    Very good professional I had surgery on both knees arthroscopy and after more than 4 years I am phenomenal. Thank you.

    Google May 11 2016
  • Julio

    Very good professional

    Google Jan 25 2018
  • Maria

    The best traumatologist in Madrid for shoulder, knee and hip.

    Google Feb 06 2018

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