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Speciality: Plastic Surgeon,
Languages: English,Spanish
Degree: MD
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About - Dr. Stephania Torres – Plastic Surgeon in Mexico City

Dr. Stephania Torres

Dr. Stephania Torres Biography | Cosmetic Surgeon in Mexico City, Mexico by Elite Plastic Surgeon Clinic

Dr. Stephania Torres is the best plastic surgeon in Mexico City, Mexico. Book your appointment for cosmetic surgery in Mexico City today at PlacidWay. Dr. Stephania Torres Pastrana y Rivera MD is a highly experienced surgeon for plastic surgery who has performed countless procedures over her career. She has a wealth of knowledge in the latest surgical techniques, especially in body contouring surgery and advanced rejuvenation techniques. This makes her uniquely qualified to help patients achieve their desired results – whether that is enhancing their existing beauty or recovering it after an injury or illness.

Dr. Stephania Torres has been performing surgeries for several years and has helped many patients achieve their desired results. Dr. Torres is an active member of the Mexican Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. She also belongs to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of the United States of America (AMCPER), and is certified by the Mexican Council of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive.

If you are considering any type of cosmetic surgery, we highly recommend that you consult with Dr. Torres. She will be able to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your surgery. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for plastic surgery in Mexico City, Mexico:

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Experience and Education of Dr. Stephania Torres | Plastic Surgeon in Mexico City, Mexico


  • Completed her studies of general medicine at Universidad Westhill in Mexico City.
  • Coursed her medical internship at American British Cowdray Medical Center (Centro Medico ABC).
  • Graduated by Westhill University and UNAM Examinations for becoming a general physician.
  • Accomplished and passed successfully the national examinations for studying General Surgery Specialization at Hospital Ángeles Lomas.
  • Applied and was accepted to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialization at Centro Medico Nacional "20 de Noviembre".
  • Arranged an agreement (Mexico- Lebanon) for summer foreign Surgical trainings of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Lebanon (Byblos & Beyrouth) with Dr. Bassem Karam at Hazmieh International Medical Center and “Centre Hospitalier Notre dame Des Secours” affiliated to University of Kaslik


  • In 2014, Dr. Stephania was accepted by Plastic Surgeons Patrick Tonnard & Alexis Verpaele, to their International Fellowship Program in Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery at the MACS- lift Center and EMC2, Gent, Belgium.
  • During 2015 she worked in the Riviera Maya performing plastic surgeries at Hospital San Carlos and Costamed Clinic as well as in Hospital San Angel Inn in Mexico City and Grupo Angeles Hospitals.
  • Currently she is situated in Mexico City full time, and has her own consultation office and brand Elite Plastic Surgeon, colonia del Valle, CDMX.

Language Spoken:

  • English and Spanish

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Membership of Dr. Stephania Torres | Cosmetic Surgeon in Mexico City, Mexico

  • Active member of Mexican Associaton Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AMCPER).
  • Active member of Mexican-Lebanese medical Association "al hakim" an active member of Sociedad Medica de Hospital Angeles Lomas (SOMEAL).
  • Certified by the Mexican Board of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (CMCPER).
  • Active member of the American Society of plastic Surgeons, USA, (since 2017). 

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Costs of Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery procedures in Mexico City, MexicoPricesEnquire
Abdominoplasty in Mexico City, Mexico$5300Enquire
Arm Lift in Mexico City, Mexico$4200Enquire
Body Lift in Mexico City, Mexico$9000Enquire
Brachioplasty in Mexico City, Mexico$5800Enquire
Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico City, Mexico$2815 - $4500Enquire
Breast Augmentation in Mexico City, Mexico$6800Enquire
Breast Implants in Mexico City, Mexico$2500 - $3450Enquire
Breast Lift in Mexico City, Mexico$4000 - $8600Enquire
Breast Reduction in Mexico City, Mexico$4000Enquire
Brow Lift in Mexico City, Mexico$3000Enquire

Elite Plastic Surgeon reviews

  • User Profile Image

    Natasha K

    I came here to get Permalip lip implants. The top implant was placed perfectly, but the bottom implant was placed extremely crooked. The right side of the implant is resting on the inside of my lip, where it should be, and the left side is pushing outward against the outside of my lip. Because of this, it is creating a HUGE bump on the left side which is not only pushing forward, but also pushing out to the left. Even though I had massive amounts of swelling for the first couple of weeks, I could almost immediately tell something wasn't right. That's how crooked it was. For the following two months, Dr. Stephania told me repeatedly that I didn't know what I was talking about. Even though I followed the after-care instructions perfectly, she fabricated that I "probably didn't follow them". She told me that the bump was either because I moved it myself (LOL), or it was a hematoma, or it was swelling, or whatever. I could not only SEE the massive bump, but I could FEEL the path of the implant inside my lip. I could feel with both my tongue and my finger that it was inside my lip on the right and pushing outward on the left. She told me repeatedly that this FACT is not possible. That she "placed it perfectly". I decided to give her a chance to fix it, so I went back to Mexico. She removed the implant and put it right back in the exact same spot, only now it's much worse. This time, the implant is pushing so intensely outward on the left side that it was poking through the incision she made. It immediately pushed out the stitch, so I went back in to have another stitch put in. I didn't eat for the whole following day, but the second I barely moved my mouth, the implant poked through the hole and pushed the second stitch right out. I now had the implant poking out of my lip, with the incision hole healing around it. She blamed me again. Then, once again, she told me over and over that it was just swelling, that she placed it perfectly, that I'm imagining it, that she's the doctor and knows what she's talking about, and on and on. She even told me that since I'm saying I can feel that it's crooked, it means that I'm touching it all the time. Complete lie. She blamed me for not being able to get Valtrex before my appointment (it isn't possible to get legally in the U.S. without an open Herpes lesion, which I don't have). She should provide U.S. patients with this the day before the scheduled appointment, since they can't get it. Even though I could literally SEE WITH MY OWN EYES that the thing sticking out of my lip is the implant, she continued to tell me I'm imagining things and the bump on the left side is NOT the implant. I have NEVER in my life experienced gas-lighting this extreme. I can literally SEE it and FEEL it, and she's telling me it's not real. I finally got the hole closed by figuring out how to do it myself. I had to stuff the entire bottom of my mouth with cotton for 4 days so that the implant couldn't push through the incision while it was healing. Now the hole is closed, but the implant is still extremely, extremely crooked. Altogether I've paid around $5,000 total for the two trips to Mexico and the procedure. Now I'm going to have to pay a few more thousand dollars to get it fixed from surgeons here in the States. Who, by the way, acknowledge that it's extremely crooked. She had the chance to take responsibility and fix the error. Instead, she made me feel for months like I was completely insane, like I was lying, and like I was at fault for the fact that it was crooked. She lied about a ton of stuff. If it was placed "perfectly", doctor, then how is it that it's in two completely different positions on either side of my lip? You placed the whole thing evenly behind the muscle, right? So how is it extremely deep on the right side, and barely under the surface of the skin on the left side? She lied and said that she made a new incision, which she didn't. I can literally FEEL that it's in the same spot because it's in my body. She lied and said she "cut it down" so it's not as long and wouldn't poke out. Then later she forgot she said that and told me it's "impossible" to cut it down. She could have just taken responsibility and fixed it. Instead, she would rather live in delusion that she's perfect. She would rather cause me extreme stress, time and money hoping that she'll fix it, than just acknowledge that she placed it incorrectly and place it in the correct spot. Now I'm broke and I look like a total freak. I have to keep cotton in my mouth 24/7 until a surgeon can fix what she did. Even though the hole is closed, she left the implant poking so hard on the side of my lip that it is painful and causes flaking & irritation. I can't do my normal activities and live my life. I can't take my mask off, I have trouble eating and drinking. I can't let anyone see me and I have constant stress. She COMPLETELY botched me and never ONCE took responsibility.

    Jan 21 2024
  • User Profile Image


    Dra.Stephania Torres Pastrana, is a Surgeon, one of the best in Mexico City,
    She takes care of my beauty.
    I like the management that she did with me, Professional, Ethical, and her work is of EXCELLENCE,

    Google Dec 28 2016
  • User Profile Image

    Juan M

    Very professional, empathetic and always aware of developments, highly recommended.

    Google Jan 03 2019
  • User Profile Image


    Dr. Stephania is an excellent surgeon, professional and prepared, I highly recommend her.

    Google Dec 05 2018
  • User Profile Image


    Excellent place for surgery, incredible treatment and super friendly staff

    Google Nov 30 2018
  • User Profile Image


    Excellent option in surgery, no one better than Dr. Stephania, recommended.

    Google Nov 15 2018

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