Dr. Julian Castillo, Infertility/IVF - Mazatlan, Mexico

Av. Carlos Canseco 6050-Interior 105/106, Marina Mazatlán, 82103 Mazatlán, Sin. Mazatlan, Mexico
Associated Center: Neorigen Clinic
Speciality: Infertility/IVF,
Languages: English,Spanish
Degree: Fertility, Gynecology
Focus Area: Dr. Guillermo Reynoso | Guadalajara | Mazatlan | Mexico | Neorigen Fertility Clinic

About - Dr. Julian Castillo


Dr. Julian Castillo is a highly qualified and experienced specialist for gynecology and fertility in Guadalajara, Mazatlan, Mexico. He was awarded by the University of Guadalajara at the Fray Antonio Alcade Civil Hospital for his specialty in gynecology and obstetrics. Additionally, he holds a Master’s degree in Human Reproduction from the Complutense University of Madrid.

As a board certified doctor, Dr. Reynoso is dedicated to providing personalized care and support for women’s healthcare needs, from regular checkups to gynecologic treatments and infertility services. Dr. Reynoso believes in patient-centered care that emphasizes education and prevention.

He has extensive experience in evaluating, diagnosing and treating all types of gynecologic conditions. His focus is on providing the most effective treatment plans to improve women’s overall health. He regularly performs minimally invasive gynecological surgeries such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

With specialized training in reproductive medicine and infertility care, Dr. Castillo is considered a premier fertility specialist in Mexico. He offers advanced treatments to couples with difficulty conceiving, such as IVF and IUI. He also guides patients through their entire fertility journey, helping them understand their options and providing emotional support along the way.

At Neorigen Fertility Clinic, Dr. Castillo is committed to helping women and couples realize their dreams of parenthood. He has dedicated his career to providing the highest quality care in a compassionate and professional environment.  With his expert knowledge and commitment to patient care, Dr. Castillo is a highly valued fertility specialist in Mazatlan and throughout Mexico.

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Educations and Experiences:

  • Specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Awarded by the University of Guadalajara at the Fray Antonio Alcade Civil Hospital
  • Master in Human Reproduction at the Complutense University of Madrid
  • Experienced Gynecology and Fertility specialist in Guadalajara, Mazatlan, Mexico

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Neorigen Clinic reviews

  • Kerri J

    Welcoming, intelligent, professional staff. The service was impeccable and cleanliness exceptional.

    Feb 02 2023
  • Mario a G

    We never thought of fulfilling our dream of being parents, thanks Neorigen.

    Neorigen Nov 17 2022
  • Alex a R

    When we were about to give up, the Neorigen doctors gave us great hope.

    Neorigen Dec 09 2022

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