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Room B584, 4th Floor, Building 14, Cui Wei Zhong Li, Haidian District, Beijing. Beijing, China
Speciality: Hematologist, Regenerative Medicine,
Languages: English,Chinese
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Dr. Fanyong Lv MD - Hematologist and Stem Cell Doctor in Beijing, China

With a steadfast commitment to advancing patient care, Dr. Fanyong Lv, MD, specializes in a wide array of hematologic disorders at Beijing Bioocus Biotech Limited. His clinical focus encompasses the comprehensive management of conditions such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and autoimmune blood diseases. Dr. Lv's expertise extends to the cutting-edge field of immunotherapy, offering patients innovative treatment options and personalized care.

Distinguished Board Certification

Dr. Lv holds prestigious board certification from the Chinese Board of Internal Medicine, underscoring his proficiency and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of medical practice. His rigorous training and comprehensive understanding of internal medicine contribute to his ability to provide superior care to his patients.

Academic Excellence and Training

A product of esteemed institutions, Dr. Lv completed his medical education at Qingdao University in 2009 and furthered his training at Weifang Medical University in 1993. His academic journey has equipped him with a strong foundation in medical science and clinical practice, laying the groundwork for his illustrious career as a hematologist and clinical professor.

Extensive Professional Experience

Dr. Lv's illustrious career spans over two decades, during which he has held key positions in prominent medical institutions. As a Clinical Associate Professor in the General Haematology Department at Lu Daopei Hospital since 2014, he continues to shape the future of hematology through education, research, and patient care. Prior to this, he served as the Director of the Hematology, Rheumatology, and Immunology Department at PKU Care Luzhong Hospital from 1993 to 2014, where he made significant contributions to the field.

Active Professional Memberships

A dedicated member of various professional organizations, Dr. Lv's commitment to advancing medical science is evident through his active involvement in associations such as the China Anti-Cancer Association, the Chinese Society of Biotechnology Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Branch, and the Chinese Medical Association. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Medical Sciences, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field.

Innovative Research and Collaborations

Dr. Lv's passion for advancing medical knowledge extends beyond clinical practice, as evidenced by his involvement in groundbreaking research initiatives and collaborative efforts. His contributions to the field of hematology and immunology have garnered widespread recognition, positioning him as a respected authority and sought-after collaborator in the medical community.

Patient-Centered Approach

At the heart of Dr. Lv's practice lies a steadfast commitment to patient-centered care. Known for his compassionate bedside manner and unwavering dedication to his patients' well-being, he ensures that each individual receives personalized treatment tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. Dr. Lv's holistic approach to healthcare underscores his commitment to improving outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those he serves.

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Clinical Focus

  • Leukaemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, aplastic anaemia, thrombocytopenia.
  • Autoimmune blood diseases.
  • Immunotherapy.

Board Certification

  • Chinese Board of Internal Medicine

Education and Training

  • Qingdao University (2009)
  • Weifang Medical University (1993)

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Associate Professor, General Haematology Department, Lu Daopei Hospital(2014-present)
  • Director,Hematology, Rheumatology and Immunology Department,PKU Care Luzhong Hospital(1993-2014)

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Professional Memberships

  • Member of China Anti-Cancer Association
  • Member of China Anti-Cancer Association Haematology and Oncology Branch
  • Member of Chinese Society of Biotechnology Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Branch
  • Member of Chinese Medical Association
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Medical Sciences

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