Josan Ana

Josan Ana, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Chisinau, Moldova

24, A.Doga str., MD 2024

Speciality: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Languages: Romanian, Russian, French, English

Degree: Dr.

About - Josan Ana

Obstetrician & Gynecologist, first category

Professional experience:

July  2011 – present: Medical Deputy Director Outpatient Care, Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Medpark International Hospital, 

September 2010 – July 2011, Quality Manager, Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Medpark International Hospital

April 2009 – 2010: Doctor, Obstetrician – Gynecologist, 1st Municipal Hospital, Quality Manager Assistant

October 2009 – June 2010: Doctor, Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Departmental Medical Clinic, primary healthcare level

March – December 2005: Project Assistant, Good Governance at local public administration level, SOROS Foundation Moldova

July 2001 – December 2004: Project assistant, support personnel, Institute of Public Policies, SOROS Foundation Moldova

Continuing education:

January 2011 – present: Online continuing Medical Education Medscape, certificate byAAOG

21 – 23 of June, 2010: Training Course on Continuous Quality Improvement in Quality Management, Targu-Mures, Romania

10 – 12 of February, 2010: Training  Course in Quality Management, Chisinau, Moldova

26 of January, 2010: Training Course on Efficient use of Cardiotocography in Obstetrics, Chisinau, Moldova

28 of October, 2009: Training Course on Imminent miscarriages – etiology and management, Chisinau, Moldova 

26 of May, 2009: Training Course on Modern approaches in gynecological practice,Chisinau, Moldova

28 of April, 2009: Training Course on Modern trends in local treatment of infectiouscolpitis, Chisinau, Moldova

11 of June, 2008: Training Course on Treatment of fibrocystic malady, Chisinau, Moldova

19 of April, 2008: Training Course on Antihomotoxic therapy of chronic inflammatory conditions, Chisinau, Moldova

15 of April, 2008: Training Course on Perimenopause – window of opportunity for women’s health maintenance, Chisinau, Moldova

3 of November, 2007: Training Course on Antihomotoxic therapy in treatment of acute inflammatory conditions and prevention of post-operatory complications, Chisinau, Moldova      

Scientific activity: 

3 – 4  of June, 2010: Co-participation in developing a presentation on “Quality Control Council of 1st Hospital: Lessons Learnt”. Quality in Perinatal Health. National Conference with international participation. Chisinau, Moldova

12 of February, 2008: Participation in Scientific-Practical Conference on Current Issues in medical Ob-Gyn practice, Chisinau, Moldova

2008:  Article on „Broadening the scope of indications for Caesarian operation in the case of pelvic presentation – is it justified?”. Scientific Coordinator Paladi Gh.A, Member of the Academy of Science, Ob-Gyn Chair, Bulletin of Perinatology No 3, 2008

2005: Article on „Labour Induction”. Scientific Coordinator T.I. Eşanu. Ob-Gyn Chair,   Scientific Annals of the State Medical University „N. Testimiţanu”   

2003 Article on “Chronic Pancreatitis. Patophysiology. Etiological and clinical aspects. Innovative methods of surgical treatment”. Scientific Coordinator V. Cazacu. Scientific Annals of the State Medical University „N. Testimiţanu”    

2001: Article on “Blood substitutes. Indications of administration in surgical practice”. Scientific Coordinator V. Polisca. Scientific Annals of the State Medical University „N.Testimiţanu”    

2001:  Article on  “Chlamydiosis – microbiologic aspects. Innovative diagnosticalmethods”. Scientific Coordinator E. Rusu. Scientific Annals of the State Medical University „N. Testimiţanu”    

2000:  Article on ”The problem of stress in science and in today’s society”, Annual Scientific Conference of students and professors of the State Medical University „N. Testimiţanu”    

2000:  Article on “Traditional Medicine – between myth and reality”. Scientific Coordinator O. Lozan; Prof. E. Popuşoi. Scientific Annals of the State Medical University „N. Testimiţanu”    

1999:  Article on “Medical Insurance – particularities of implementation in the Republic of Moldova”. Scientific Coordinator Prof. Marin. Scientific Annals of the State Medical University „N. Testimiţanu”

Education - Josan Ana

Graduated from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu" in 2004. June 2013: Word Congress in Perinatal Medicine, Moscow, Russia March 2013: European Congress in Perinatal Medicine, Thessaloniki, Grece March 2012: Training (improvement of medical performance) Medical Park, IVF Department, Istanbul, Turkey November 2011: workshop in gynecologycal endoscopy, Berlin, Germany, Vivantes Hospital, attested as MIC I specialist October – November 2010: Training in Florence Nightingale Hospital,Istanbul, Turkey February 23rd, 2010: Attested as specialist in Quality Management of Medical Care December 1st, 2004 – September 30th, 2008: Resident Doctor, Obstetrician – Gynecologist

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Hysteroscopy in Kazakhstan$178Enquire
Hysteroscopy in Latvia$587Enquire
Colposcopy in Macedonia$1348Enquire

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