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Affordable Titanium Dental Implants

in Medellin, Colombia

Titanium Dental Implant

The Titanium Dental Implant is the most common type of dental implant; this is a type of Endosteal Implant that is placed directly into the jawbone structure. Artificial teeth are attached to this structure with nails, screws, or cones.

What does the Procedure Consist of?

The main objective in this procedure is to replace the missing teeth and their corresponding root.

The Titanium Dental Implant, also called "immediate implant", is placed using a simple surgical procedure. In the procedure an access to the bone is gained through a small incision, and proceeds to prepare a new socket in the jaw where the implant is inserted as a screw.

After that, the Osseo-integration process is carried out, from the next 4 to 6 months. In some cases the crown may be placed immediately, this will depend on the location, type of occlusion, bone quality, etc.

Usually antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatory are needed to avoid major discomfort in patients.

Benefits of the Procedure

  • Stops re absorption or bone loss following a tooth extraction.
  • Dental implants are strong and durable, such as regular teeth.
  • As an aesthetic procedure, it improves the smiles look, providing more confidence on the patient.
  • The implant has the function of a natural tooth with benefits over a fixed bridge or removable.


Why to Choose Us?

Medellin Health City is the brand of the Colombian well-known city: Medellin, one of the major Latin-American destinations for health in the world of health tourism

The Cluster of Medicine and Dentistry Services created Medellin Dental Cluster, this identifies the medical dental procedures that are available in Medellin – Colombia.

In the field of Dentistry Medellin Dental Cluster specializes in several different treatments, such as Smile Makeovers, Implants, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns and Whitening.

  • Medellin Dental Cluster has specialized medical dental professionals in the area of oral rehabilitation or prosthodontics.
  • Specialized Training and experience allows doctors to offer our patients prosthetic treatments with the most advanced materials that exist on the global market.
  • We provide the best quality and technology possible.
  • We offer a team with continuous education and ultimate knowledge in medical dental procedures.
  • Our Excellent Staff of General Dentists and Oral Health Specialists perform dental Procedures.
  • At Medellin Dental Cluster we treat over 3,700 international patients per year.
  • 1,035 medical specialists and sub specialists and 140 dental specialists who give care to more than 73,000 patients annually form Medellin Dental Cluster.


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