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Plastic Surgery in Mexico

How to Get Prepare for Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

Plastic Surgery in Mexico can give you a perfectly shaped and contoured body! Top-notch equipment, experienced surgeons, short recovery time, and no pain thanks to modern techniques, affordable prices, and a variety of clinics to choose from.

By choosing cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in Mexico, you can get the body you have always dreamed of with a minimum of effort. No more hiding our bodies behind flared clothes, no more extreme diets, no more daydreaming that one day we will get the sizes we want.

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Why Choose Mexico for Plastic Surgery?

All Plastic Surgery Treatments

Cost & Comparison

Before & After

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Top 10 Clinics

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

Pricing Factors

Patients Reviews


Why Choose Mexico for Plastic Surgery?

Mexico is the home of plastic surgery procedures due to the cheapest prices. Here we have listed the most chosen plastic surgery procedures prices in Mexico. Many people want to feel better about themselves by changing the way they look or appear. However, they are worried about the cost of such procedures in countries like the US, Canada, or the UK. If you are among them, then plastic surgery is an affordable option in Mexico.

Mexico Plastic Surgery Packages

See a portion of our plastic Surgery procedure Packages

Liposuction in Mexico

Liposuction Cost in Mexico

Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Tummy Tuck in Mexico

tummy tuck in Mexico

Buttock Lift in Mexico

Buttock lift in Mexico

Mommy Makeover in Mexico

Mommy Makeover in Mexico

Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cost

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in Mexico?


Plastic Surgery in Mexico Cost

Cost in USA




Breast Augmentation



Tummy Tuck



Buttock Lift



Face Lift

$2,500 - $5,500


Mommy Makeover



Nose Surgery



Breast Lift




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Before and After Result of Different Plastic Surgeries

Butt Lift Before and After Mexico

Tummy Tuck Before and After Mexico

Breast Augmentation Before and After Mexico

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Mexico

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  • Getting cosmetic surgery in Mexico is to save money
  • Expert Plastic Surgeons
  • Best Facilities
  • Easy Proximity
  • Holiday Destination

Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

1. Dr. Maurice Aceves Guirard M.D. is a renowned cosmetic surgeon trained in Mexico and France, one of the best in Mexicali, Mexico. Dr. Maurice is also part of the medical team at the Hospital de la Familia and a member of the Mexican Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and a Member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery.

2. Dr. Edgar Torres - Plastic Surgeon in Cancun, Mexico

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Top 10 Clinics for Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Getting plastic surgery in Mexico is definitely a good choice. What matters most is choosing the right clinic considering all your requirements such as treatment, budget, the experience of the plastic surgeon, etc. Here, we have listed the 10 best plastic surgery clinics in Mexico that will help you make the right decision.

1. Dr. Andrey Shakhov ( Tijuana, Mexico )

Dr. Andrey Shakhov Tijuana, Mexico

2. CER GROUP CO ( Tijuana, Mexico )

CER GROUP CO Tijuana, Mexico

3. Dr. Alejandro Paredes Plastic Surgeon ( Mexicali, Mexico )

Dr. Alejandro Paredes Plastic Surgeon Mexicali, Mexico

4. Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta ( Merida, Mexico )

Dr. Ernesto Javier Acosta Abeyta Merida, Mexico

5. Hospital Los Lagos ( Reynosa, Mexico )

Hospital Los Lagos Reynosa, Mexico

6. Gastelum Cosmetic Surgery ( Tijuana, Mexico )

Dr. OSCAR GASTELUM Cosmetic Surgery Mexico

7. Rejuve Dr Edgar Torres ( Cancun, Mexico )

Rejuve Dr Edgar Torres Cancun, Mexico

8. Advance Health Medical Center ( Tijuana, Mexico )

Advance Health Medical Center Tijuana, Mexico

9. Baja Surgery Center ( Los Algodones, Mexico )

Baja Surgery Center Los Algodones, Mexico

10. CETRANS Clinic ( Mexico City, Mexico )

CETRANS Clinic Mexico City, Mexico

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Factors that Affect Package Price

Various factors can affect the price of the full facelift procedure. Some of the common factors include:

  • Age of the patient
  • The elasticity of the skin
  • The texture of the skin
  • Facial structure

Specialists at the clinic would ask to go for some tests. Based on the results of these tests, doctors may prefer to hold a telephonic conversation with the patient and explain the procedure. 

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • Blood count
  • ECG
  • Chest X-ray, etc.


The laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment methods: Credit card, cash, wire transfer


 You may have to deposit some amount when you will agree to book for the treatment.

Complexity Level: Medium

Reviews and Testimonials on Plastic Surgery in Mexico

We advise our future patients to always check the reviews and patient testimonials of the centers you wish to have their plastic surgery done. This is necessary to be able to gauge much better the quality of their practice and gain unbiased feedback. Reviews and testimonials for plastic surgery in Mexico will encourage you to visit a certain clinic and speak to the doctors. These testimonials go a long way because experience is truly the best teacher as they say.


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Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distinction between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery? 

Cosmetic surgery is performed to reshape ordinary constructions of the body to further develop appearance and confidence. Cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by health care coverage since it is elective. 

Reconstructive surgery is performed on strange constructions of the body brought about by inherent deformities, formative irregularities, injury, contamination, growths or infection. As a rule, reconstructive surgery is performed to further develop work, yet may likewise be finished to inexact an ordinary appearance. 

Reconstructive surgery is normally covered by most health care coverage arrangements, in spite of the fact that inclusion for explicit methodology and levels of inclusion might fluctuate extraordinarily. 

What is the recuperation from cosmetic surgery like? 

Every quiet endures torment after surgery in various ways. Your specialist will recommend the fitting aggravation drugs to assist with limiting any inconvenience. As a general rule, most facial cosmetic activities have negligible inconvenience post-operatively. Liposuction is somewhat more awkward, and activities that require rise or fixing of the muscles, for example, an abdominoplasty or breast expansion can cause uneasiness equivalent to a C-area. 

How would I realize what size breast implant is ideal for me? 

The choice depends on various elements, including the patient's cravings, explanations behind the surgery and generally speaking wellbeing. 

For instance, would you say you are doing this is on the grounds that you feel your breasts are excessively little comparative with your body form or would you say you are discontent with the size and immovability of your breasts following pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight reduction? Lopsidedness between the breasts can likewise be a rousing component. Your specialist can assist you with settling on the best choice during your pre-careful appointment(s). 

Does an individual's voice change after rhinoplasty (nose surgery)? 

A couple of patients notice little change in their voice after rhinoplasty however this is exceptional. Experts who depend on their voice, like artists, should share any worries with their specialists, notwithstanding, in light of the fact that the nose assumes apart by the way we sound. 

What kind of small cosmetic touch-up should be possible to raise cheekbones? What is the recuperation time? 

The accessible choices must be examined subsequent to having an assessment with a plastic specialist. By and large, recuperation time from a smaller than expected cosmetic touch-up is around fourteen days. 

How is a patient's state of being assessed preceding plastic surgery? 

A total pretesting series of arrangements is done preceding any surgery. 

Do you perform tumescent liposuction? 

Indeed, tumescent liposuction, a procedure that outcomes in less swelling, less expansion, and a speedier recuperation than more established customary techniques for liposuction. 

Tumescent liposuction utilizes an enormous volume of weakening epinephrine to cause exceptional choking of the little veins, which prompts less dying, less swelling, and less expansion. 

What are the potential dangers? 

There are hazards related to any surgeries. Discover what they are, the manner by which frequently they happen, and how they will be dealt with in the event that they do happen. In the event that the specialist doesn't straightforwardly talk about the dangers or concede that there are consistent chances, look for another assessment. 

Is there anything to do to limit enlarging or swelling? 

Indeed. Contingent on the system, it may bode well to rest in a leaning back (not level) position for multi-week following surgery to limit the assortment of liquids in the face and eyelids.

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