Best 12 Face Lift Surgery Options in Asia

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Facelift Surgery Packages in the Best Asian Medical Centers

Best 12 Face Lift Surgery Options in Asia


During a Face lift procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes all unwanted wrinkles. This Surgery provides a more youthful look to the patient by making tighter the facial skin. The patient’s appearance will be enhanced and his or her self-esteem will boost!

In addition, facelift surgery will improve your skin elasticity, correct the deep line around your mouth, reduce the appearance of loose skin or fatty deposits in the jaw or neck area, but of course we have to keep in mind realistic goals and expectations.


Top Face Lift Surgery Options In Asia


Country Clinic Price Inclusions
Thailand Yanhee Hospital $3,170
2 nights in hospital


Benefits of Face Lift

  • Tightening facial muscles
  • Repairing loose skin
  • Improving facial contours
  • Gives a smoother look
  • Eliminates jowls
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Makes you look younger
  • Restores your self-confidence and esteem


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