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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Best Male Implant Centers for Erectile Dysfunction Worldwide

Do you want to know another option for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? Drugs like Viagra don't always work for every man, but there are other options like penile implants.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to maintain an erection during sexual activity. It may be caused by side effects of drugs, surgical complications, diseases, even psychological and lifestyle factors, such as stress and depression.

When non-surgical approaches of treating ED have failed, your urology specialist will recommend surgery intervention. Surgery is performed if a patient has severe ED and is not responding to non-surgical treatments (such as counseling and prescription drugs like Viagra).  

Penile implants (prosthesis), is a type of erectile dysfunction surgical procedure used to restore penile firmness.

There are two kinds of Penile Implants:

  1. Malleable2 adjustable rods inside the penis which do not affect its size. One has to position it properly during sexual activity.
  2. Inflatable2 tubes placed inside that is connected to a pump inside the scrotum. During sexual activity, squeeze the pump to have an erection and it can help increase penile width and length.


Am I a candidate for penile implants?

This is great for men who:

  • Don’t respond to drugs like Viagra, Cialis, vacuum devices, suppositories or injections
  • Don't respond to counseling
  • Suffer from Peyronie's disease, a disorder marked by bending and pain during erection along with ED

How much do penile implants cost?

In the US, the cost of penis prosthesis surgery can cost up to $20,000 depending on the type of implant used. The fees already include the anesthesia and operating room fees, the surgeon's professional fee and the cost of the implant.

A medical center in Mexico can offer a penile prosthesis surgery package for only $13,900. It already includes pre-operative consultation and exams, anesthesia, use of equipment, hospital stay, nursing care and surgeon’s professional fee. Even the hospital stay for 2 nights, 2 nights’ accommodation, including airport pick-up and drop off and necessary transportation to and from the hotel and hospital are already included in the package for your convenience!

Mexico GRS Mexico, Guadalajara , Mexico
South Korea Sewum Prosthetic Urology Clinic, Seoul, South Korea

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