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Penile Implants Package by Dr. Rohit Krishna in New Delhi, India

Package price starting from: $16000
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Effective Penile Implants in New Delhi, India for Erectile Dysfunction

Penile Implants Package by Dr. Rohit Krishna in New Delhi, India

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Penile implants have emerged as a transformative solution for individuals seeking effective and lasting treatment for erectile dysfunction. Dr. Rohit Krishna, a distinguished urologist in New Delhi, India, offers comprehensive penile implant packages designed to restore sexual function and improve the quality of life for patients. With a commitment to excellence and utilizing advanced medical techniques, Dr. Krishna provides a discreet and personalized approach to penile implant procedures. Discover how Dr. Rohit Krishna's penile implants can bring about a positive transformation in the lives of individuals facing erectile dysfunction.

Cost of Penile Implants in New Delhi, India

You can get Penile Implants Package by Dr. Rohit Krishna in New Delhi, India with the price starts at $16,000. Please refer to our price list table below:


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New Delhi, India


Dr. Rohit Krishna

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Top 5 Advantages of Choosing Penile Implants in New Delhi, India

  • Medical Expertise: New Delhi boasts a pool of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, including Dr. Rohit Krishna, who specializes in urology and penile implants. The city's medical infrastructure ensures that patients receive top-notch care and expertise.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Penile implant procedures in New Delhi are cost-effective compared to many Western countries, making it an affordable option without compromising on the quality of medical care and technology.

  • Discreet and Comfortable Environment: Dr. Krishna's clinic in New Delhi provides a discreet and comfortable environment for patients undergoing penile implant procedures, prioritizing privacy and personalized care.

  • Cultural Experience: Patients choosing New Delhi for penile implants can immerse themselves in the rich culture and vibrant atmosphere of the city, offering a unique and positive backdrop to the healing process.

  • Advanced Medical Technology: New Delhi's medical facilities, including Dr. Krishna's clinic, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that patients benefit from the latest advancements in penile implant procedures.

Overview of the Penile Implants Procedure

Penile implant procedures involve the insertion of devices into the penis to enable an erection. Dr. Rohit Krishna offers various types of penile implants, including inflatable and semi-rigid devices. Inflatable implants allow for a more natural erection by using a pump to fill the cylinders with fluid, while semi-rigid implants maintain a constant firmness. The procedure is typically performed as an outpatient surgery, and Dr. Krishna ensures that patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout the process.

Penile Implants Package Inclusions

Dr. Rohit Krishna's penile implant packages are designed to provide a comprehensive and comfortable experience for patients. The following inclusions are integral to the packages:

  • Implant Device: The package covers the cost of the chosen penile implant device, whether inflatable or semi-rigid, including the required materials.

  • Surgical Procedures: All costs associated with the surgical procedures, including the expertise of the surgical team, anesthesia, and any necessary medical equipment, are included in the package.

  • Post-Operative Care: Patients receive thorough post-operative care, including follow-up appointments, to monitor healing and address any concerns during the recovery period.

  • Accommodation: Some packages may include accommodation options for patients and their companions, providing a comfortable and convenient stay during the treatment and recovery period.

  • Airport Transfers: Dr. Krishna's penile implant packages often extend to include airport transfers, ensuring a seamless journey for patients arriving in New Delhi.

Penile Implants Package Exclusions

While Dr. Rohit Krishna's penile implant packages are comprehensive, certain exclusions should be considered:

  • Travel Costs: Patients are responsible for their travel expenses, including airfare, accommodation beyond the package duration, and any additional transportation within New Delhi.

  • Complications: In rare cases where unforeseen complications arise during the procedure, additional costs associated with addressing these issues may not be covered by the package.

  • Additional Treatments: Patients opting for additional procedures or treatments beyond the standard penile implant package will incur separate charges.

  • Medication: Prescription medications required during the recovery period are not included in the package price and will be an additional cost.

  • Personal Expenses: Personal expenses such as meals, entertainment, and other activities beyond the specified package inclusions are not covered.

Penile Implants Pre-Op Tests

Ensuring patient safety and suitability for penile implantation involves a series of pre-operative tests:

  • Medical Examination: A comprehensive medical examination assesses the patient's overall health and identifies any underlying conditions that may affect the procedure.

  • Blood Tests: Routine blood tests are conducted to evaluate the patient's general health and ensure they are fit for the surgical procedure.

  • STI Screening: Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening may be recommended to ensure the patient's sexual health and minimize potential complications.

  • Psychological Evaluation: A psychological evaluation is often conducted to assess the patient's mental and emotional readiness for the challenges associated with penile implants.

  • Ultrasound: In some cases, an ultrasound may be performed to assess blood flow and ensure the overall health of the genital area.

Penile Implants Surgeon in New Delhi, India

Dr. Rohit Krishna is a highly qualified and experienced urologist specializing in penile implants. His expertise in urology and commitment to patient satisfaction make him a trusted choice for individuals seeking penile augmentation in New Delhi, India. With a focus on individualized care and a patient-centric approach, Dr. Krishna ensures that each patient feels comfortable and informed throughout the treatment process.

Board Certified Penile Implants Doctor in New Delhi, India

Dr. Rohit Krishna - Plastic Surgeon in New Delhi, India

Dr. Rohit Krishna

  • MCh, 1997, Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur

  • MS, 1991, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur

  • MBBS, 1989, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur

  • Consultant, Umkal Hospital, Gurgaon

  • Senior Consultant, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon

Is Penile Implants Right for You?

Determining the suitability of penile implants involves several factors:

  • Medical Eligibility: Individuals with a history of erectile dysfunction that does not respond to other treatments may be suitable candidates for penile implants. Good overall health is crucial for a successful outcome.

  • Realistic Expectations: Patients considering penile implants should have realistic expectations about the outcomes, understanding that individual results may vary.

  • Psychological Readiness: The decision to undergo penile implantation requires psychological readiness to navigate the emotional aspects of the procedure and the adjustments to the changed appearance.

  • Consultation with Dr. Krishna: A thorough consultation with Dr. Rohit Krishna is crucial for assessing individual suitability, discussing available options, and providing guidance based on the patient's specific circumstances.

  • Commitment to Follow-Up Care: Patients opting for penile implants should be committed to following post-operative care instructions, attending follow-up appointments, and adhering to the recovery plan outlined by Dr. Krishna.

What to Expect During the Penile Implants Surgery?

Choosing penile implants by Dr. Rohit Krishna in New Delhi involves a comprehensive and patient-centered process:

  • Initial Consultation: The journey begins with an initial consultation where patients discuss their goals, concerns, and expectations with Dr. Krishna. The surgeon evaluates the patient's anatomy, discusses available penile implant options, and provides detailed information on the chosen technique.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Following the consultation, Dr. Krishna creates a personalized treatment plan tailored to the patient's unique goals and anatomy. The plan outlines the chosen penile implant technique, expected outcomes, and any additional recommendations.

  • Surgery Day: On the day of the surgery, patients arrive at Dr. Rohit Krishna's clinic and undergo the agreed-upon penile implant procedure. The surgical team ensures patient comfort, and the procedure is performed with precision.

  • Recovery Period: After the surgery, patients enter a recovery period during which they are monitored for any immediate post-operative concerns. The recovery timeline varies based on the specific penile implant procedure chosen.

  • Post-Operative Care: Dr. Krishna and his team provide thorough post-operative care, including follow-up appointments to monitor healing, address any concerns, and guide patients through the recovery process.

  • Long-Term Results: Patients can expect long-term results that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the genital area. Dr. Krishna prioritizes natural-looking outcomes that align with the patient's goals, contributing to increased self-esteem and satisfaction.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q: What are penile implants, and how do they work?

A: Penile implants are devices surgically placed in the penis to treat erectile dysfunction. They enable an erection by mimicking the natural erectile process. Dr. Rohit Krishna in New Delhi offers various types, including inflatable and semi-rigid implants.

2. Q: Is the procedure discreet, and how confidential is the process at Dr. Rohit Krishna's clinic in New Delhi?

A: Yes, the procedure is discreet. Dr. Krishna prioritizes patient confidentiality, providing a private and secure environment throughout consultations, surgeries, and the recovery process.

3. Q: What factors determine the eligibility for penile implants at Dr. Rohit Krishna's clinic?

A: Eligibility depends on medical history, overall health, realistic expectations, psychological readiness, and a thorough consultation with Dr. Krishna. Patients with persistent erectile dysfunction unresponsive to other treatments may be suitable candidates.

4. Q: How long is the recovery period after penile implant surgery in New Delhi?

A: The recovery period varies based on the specific procedure. Generally, patients can resume regular activities after a brief recovery, with post-operative care provided by Dr. Krishna and his team.

5. Q: Can I see before-and-after images of patients who underwent penile implantation by Dr. Rohit Krishna?

A: Yes, with patient consent, Dr. Krishna provides before-and-after images to offer potential candidates a realistic expectation of the outcomes. These images showcase the transformative impact of the procedure on individuals' lives.

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