Kidney Transplant in India - Improve Your Kidney Function

Kidney Transplant in India - Improve Your Kidney Function


Choose Kidney Transplant in India and Get Affordable Organ Transplantation

Do you need kidney transplantation? Due to the long waiting time and high costs in the USA, patients seek transplantation abroad. Kidney Transplant in India is successful and affordable for patients from America, Canada, and the UK.

Besides, there's a minimum waiting time in Indian clinics for renal transplantation. This guide contains necessary information regarding kidney transplants and India, so keep reading to know more.

All-Inclusive Package for Kidney Transplant in India

Looking for the best way to stay within your budget for a kidney transplant? Then see our package offer below at the price of just $12,000 in India! This is over 80% less than having this procedure in America or elsewhere. 

More details are available in the package inclusions, so take a look.

Kidney Transplant Surgery Package in India

Even after making changes in your diet plan, taking medication and seeking other forms of treatment


Kidney Transplant Cost in India

When we compare the costs of kidney transplantation between India and America, we'll see a huge difference. Kidney transplant in India cost $12,500 on average while in the US $250,000 or more. You will get the same medical care in India and successful transplantation as you would in the USA.

So, what's the catch with the low price? India is far more affordable due to the low cost of living and labor, as well as lower prices of equipment and clinics infrastructure. 

The cost is definitely the main reason why thousands of patients from America choose India for renal transplant procesdure.

Kidney Transplant Cost Comparison in India
Country Procedure Price
United States Kidney Transplant, Organ Transplant $250000
India Kidney Transplant, Organ Transplant $12500

Best Hospitals for Kidney Transplant in India

The Healthcare system in India has been improved in recent years making it accessible for foreign patients. Patients from America, Australia, and Canada visit Indian clinics to get their organ transplantation at low-cost.

These clinics work by international standards and are able to give you the top-notch care you deserve. Let's meet some of the top clinics in India where you can have your renal transplant procedure.

Top Center

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is a renowned multi-speciality medical center offering comprehensive, accessible and reliable healthcare options to patients from all around the world.

Top Center

Arathana Hospital

Read vital things about Arathana Hospital, Orthopedics and Trauma management medical center with world class state of the art facilities in Tamilnadu, India.

Patient Reviews After Medical Care in India

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    The results of the lab tests were very accurate and correct. Several diabetic treatment options are available under one roof. The hospital is of a very good quality and is clean. The staff is courteous and helpful. This hospital is very good for us. For the past decade, I have been receiving treatment there. At this point, my blood sugar is under control. I am grateful for the sincere care this hospital provides

    Patient was treated by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Feb 10, 2022
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    Best and excellent hospital in pollachi

    Patient was treated by Arathana Hospital Feb 17, 2022
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    I would strongly recommend ramakrishna as good varicose veins treatment hospital in the city. my mom have been taking treatment here at sri ramakrishna from the past few months and has a observed a great improvement in her results due to treatment.

    Patient was treated by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Feb 10, 2022
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    Had been going through severe neck pain from more than a month. consulted the physiotherapist and taken few sessions. Thanks to the service it worked out well and pain have been vanished in a week. the mobility has also been improved.

    Patient was treated by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Feb 10, 2022
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    Consulted for toothache, thanks to the dentist for helping me on decreasing the pain. pain solved in 2days.

    Patient was treated by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Feb 10, 2022
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    It was a good experience to visit Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. My mother and father health checks were carried out in a very regular manner. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. The total area is kept extremely clean.

    Patient was treated by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Feb 07, 2022

Top Questions for Kidney Transplant in India

Want to know about the requirements for an organ transplant in India or cities in India for kidney transplant? Then read our answers below in more detail.

What Are Organ Transplant Donor Requirements in India?

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When talking about organ transplant, the person who is giving an organ is called a donor and the one who receives it is called a recipient. In India, an individual can be a donor irrespective of his/her caste, religion, age, gender or community. The donor needs to be a close (first degree) relative (mother, father, brother, sister, child above 18 years old), or the patient's spouse. There is no age limitation when it comes about being an organ donor. If the organ donation consent from the parents or legal guardians is signed, children (under 18 years old) can be organ donors, too. In each case, the medical suitability of the donor is assessed by a doctor. However, persons suffering from HIV/AIDS (positive), infection, cancer, bacterial/blood disease or drug use don’t meet the criteria of becoming organ donors. When someone has Hepatitis C, he/she can donate organs only to a person who has Hepatitis C as well. Even if this happens very rarely, the same rules are applied for people who have Hepatitis B. The documents (in original) that the needs to carry in order to get approvals for the transplantation are: donor identification letter (from the Secretariat of the country of residence), recipient identification letter (Secretariat of the country of residence), age declaration of donor (High Court of the country of residence), age declaration of recipient (High Court of the country of residence), relationship proof of the donor and the recipient (High Court of the country of residence), referral letter from the treating hospital of the country of resident, donor's consent (High Court of the country of residence), family photo (both donor and recipient have to be present in the photo), family tree document (authority in the country of residence). There are two types of donors: Living donors (who can donate a lung, intestine, a part of the liver, a kidney and pancreas) and Deceased donors (who can donate intestinal organs, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and pancreas). There are several Indian clinics that perform organ transplants according to the requirements stated above.                                                         Organ Transplant Clinics in India: Customize treatment programs according to each patient’s specific needs Are fully equipped Use advanced technology and supplies Have a friendly, attentive staff Provide a professional, comfortable environment to their patients Have a friendly and attentive staff Have highly trained certified specialists, which are internationally recognized and have an extended professional background Offer flawless medical services                                              Organ Transplant Clinics in India You Can Visit: Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India Medanta | The Medicity, Heryana, India  

Where Can I Have Kidney Transplant in India?

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Patients that are diagnosed with terminal renal failure have many treatment options, including dialysis and kidney transplant. Those who are considered to be suited for a transplant will first undergo a complete medical examination. The kidney transplant consists in surgically replacing the kidneys that are unable to function properly with a healthy kidney, taken from another person (donor). The healthy kidney takes over the non-functional kidneys role. As long as the new kidney works properly, the patient can live a normal life after the transplant. The kidney transplant is a surgical procedure. The surgeon places the new kidney into the patient’s abdomen and it attaches it to the artery that brings oxygenated blood, to the vein that carries blood with carbon dioxide and to the urethra which carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. This procedure is recommended for all patients suffering from end-stage chronic kidney disease. A successful kidney transplant offers a better, prolonged life. The immunosuppressive therapy has plays an essential role in the transplant’s success. There are several Indian clinics that offer kidney transplant packages to international patients. India is known for its well developed healthcare system, flawless medical services and internationally recognized surgeons.                                                       Kidney Transplant Clinics in India: Provide world-class medical services Use the latest medical equipment available worldwide Have certified and experienced medical specialists Focus on the patient's safety and comfort Meet rigorous international standards                                          Kidney Transplant Clinics in India You Can Visit: Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India Medanta | The Medicity, Heryana, India

Best Kidney Specialist in India

India is home to renewed doctors for kidney transplant who have certificates from prestigious institutions. Doctors in India are able to provide successful organ transplantation at low-cost. The low cost of living and labor are the factors that affect kidney transplants to be so affordable.

PlacidWay will help you find the right kidney doctor in India who will help you improve your kidney function and general health. Contact us for more details. 

Visit India for Organ Transplantation & Also Explore Top Attractions

India has a variety of places you can go before the kidney transplant procedure and have a good time with your family. Here we will show you top attractions that are a must-see in India:

Spectacular Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal India

The Global Vipassana Pagoda - A meditation hall in Mumbai

The Global Vipassana Pagoda - A meditation hall in Mumbai

Himalayan Mountains in Kashmir region

Himalayan Mountains India Kashmir

Choose Today Kidney Transplant in India

Experienced surgeons for Kidney Transplant in India will help you regain your overall health by improving your kidney function. You will save over 80% of the money by choosing renal transplantation in India instead waiting long for the more expensive procedure in America.

PlacidWay team is here to assist you during your life-changing trip to India. Contact us today and get your free price estimate!