Live Cell Therapy Centers for Erectile Dysfunction Worldwide

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Live Cell Therapy Centers for Erectile Dysfunction Worldwide


Live Cell Therapy Centers for Erectile Dysfunction Worldwide


Thinking of a non-invasive option for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? There is still hope for sexual impotency using live cell therapy!

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the incapability of men to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. ED can have a negative impact on the self-esteem, quality of life and on intimate relationships with spouses. The cause of ED is related to surgical damage to the penile nerves, decrease in testosterone levels, medication usage, or certain diseases.

Live Cell Therapy Using Adult (or Autologous Live Cells ALCs) for ED

In the treatment of ED, ALCs will be used as they have the potential to differentiate and renew the damaged cells in the penis and restore normal erectile function. Live cells work to reverse the pathophysiological changes that can lead to ED, rather than curing the symptoms of ED. Using sterile techniques, ALCs are harvested using the patient’s own living cells (either bone marrow or mesenchymal live cells) in high concentrations. Next, live cells are extracted and using a closed system, it is reinfused back to the patient using sterile technique.  

Am I a good candidate for Live Cell Therapy for ED?

This is perfect for male patients whose ED:

  • Do not respond to counseling
  • Do not respond to drugs like Cialis, Viagra, suppositories, vaccum devices, and injections
  • Occurs along with Peyronie's disease, a disease manifested by bending and pain during an erection

How much do Live Cell Therapy for ED cost?

In the US, the price for cell therapy can cost $5,000-$7,100 and it varies accordingly to the location, type and extent of therapy the procedure is performed. In other countries like Switzerland, they can charge up to $10,000 for a package and it already includes treatment from a high end facility with accommodations from a five star hotel.


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