Best Macular Degeneration Treatment in Turkey

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Macular Degeneration Treatment in Turkey

Best Macular Degeneration Treatment in Turkey

Are you impaired with haziness in your vision? Don’t prevent Macular Degeneration from preventing you from enjoying your elderly life!

Macular degeneration is an age-linked disorder that’s why it is also known as age-related disorder macular degeneration (AMD). It is one of the primary causes of severe blindness in elderly individuals aged 60 years old and up. AMD ensues when the central part of the retina (macula) denigrates. Although AMD is an incurable eye disease, there are eye treatments and procedures that may delay the progress of vision loss and decrease symptoms.

Types of Macular Degeneration

Dry AMD. This is the most common form of the disorder. It causes loss of vision at the center of your vision field.

Wet AMD. Blood vessels found under the retina (back of the eye) causes leakage of blood and fluid causing scarring.

Macular Degeneration in Turkey                

Turkey is a recognized provider of medical care especially in the field of plastic surgery, dentistry, and eye, ear, nose and throat. Medical travellers consider Turkish hospitals because aside from the expertise they can provide, their prices are affordable and tourist destinations in Turkey can be visited before or after the treatment. Turkish Medical Centers have most diagnostic and surgical procedures so common eye disorders such as AMD is highly successful in Turkey.

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Since 1991, Acibadem has 18 full-service general hospitals and 12 outpatient clinics. What medical travellers like about Acıbadem is that it has an International Patient Services Center. The centre caters to international patients and was designed as a “one-stop” service center, where you can have your assessment, diagnostics and treatment in one place. Acibadem offers an array of medical diagnostics and procedures, uses modern medical equipment with the use of JCI accredited standards.

Birinci Eye Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Birinci Eye Hospital is one of the innovative eye centres in Turkey that offers almost all types of eye procedures and exams. With expert eye specialists the centre aims to improve the quality of life of patients by providing services that are affordable, safe using  accredited international standards.

Cevre Private Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Since 1993, Cevre Hospital has been specializing in aesthetic and plastic surgery, urology, laparoscopic operations, hair transplantation, and also in EENT. One of their top priorities is patient satisfaction especially from medical travellers who frequent their centre.    

Ekol Hospitals, Izmir, Turkey

Considered the first and the largest hospital in Turkey and Europe, Ekol Hospitals Group offers holistic healthcare services at very affordable prices. Aside from expertise in eye, ear, nose and throat, Ekol is an expert at medical and surgical disciplines, such as Dentistry, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, ENT Surgery, and Eye treatments and surgical procedures.  

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is one of the largest and comprehensive private hospitals located in Istanbul, Turkey. They are among the few hospitals that have an International Patient Relations Services that aims to make international patients feel close to their home. Hisar provides the following services to their international patients: doctor’s appointment, pre-arrival assistance with insurance companies, airport pick-up and drop-off, culture mediation services, accommodations assistance, and language translation services in Arabic, English, Russian and other European languages.

Benefits of Macular Degeneration Treatments:

  • Prevents severe vision loss
  • Slows the disease progression
  • Regains vision that was lost
  • Destroys growing abnormal blood vessels
  • Prevents the occurrence of other symptoms

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