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Cancer Program With Natural Products in Cuba

Package price starting from: $1572
Treatment: Cancer Treatment
Associated Center: Basa Medical Tourism Cuba
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Cancer Program With Natural Products in Cuba

Cancer Program With Natural Products in Cuba


Many natural products have shown amazing results on cancer patients, improving their quality of life. Patients coming to Cuba can benefit from this program for cancer using only natural products.

Vidatox 30CH is a complementary therapy for the relieving cancer symptoms. Formulated in Cuba, Vidatox is a revolutionary cancer medication that increases the survival rate of cancer patients while improving their quality of life. It stimulates the immune system to attack the cancer cells and blocks the tumor angiogenesis that supplies the tumor with the needed nutrients.

Spirulina with Vitamin C is a nutritional supplement rich in protein and other trace elements, which promote the integral absorption of iron in the human body, increasing its resistance to disease. Spirulina and vitamin C may help reduce cancer patients’ risk of liver damage or renal failure after receiving chemotherapy.

Ferrical contributes to improving convalescence, increases appetite and restores the nutritional status of the person. Ferrical is an important aid for improving the condition of immunodeficient or convalescent patients, restoring an adequate nutritional state.

The program consists of:

  • Hospitalization for 5 days

- Hospitalization in private room unit (food and nursing care)

- Inpatient care

- Initial evaluation and preparation of medical history

  • Research

- Blood tests

- Imaging investigations

  • Medicines:


- Ferrical

- Spirulina

Price Package Cancer Treatment in Cuba


You can also choose to stay in an independent house, equipped with greater comfort and personalized care services, which will guarantee a better rest and recovery in a healthy environment, surrounded by nature and greater privacy.


Why choose us?

  • We offer high quality services at affordable prices
  • You have access to prestigious health network
  • Personalized and affordable medical care
  • We provide specialized advice and personalized services based on the patient's income, medical issues and preferences
  • We work with internationally recognized hospitals in Cuba and world-class medical experts

If you want to find out more about the cancer program with natural products, do not hesitate to contact us!

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