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Package Details

Breast Implant for $ 5,000 only

Benefits of Breast Implants
Breast augmentation is an ideal solution for women who want larger breasts or those recovering from injury, mastectomies, and weight loss that lead to droopy breasts. However, doctors may suggest a breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation for women with severely droopy breasts for optimal results.

Rhinoplasty for $ 4,500 only

Benefits of Rhinoplasty
Benefits involved with rhinoplasty include not only an improvement to the appearance, but also to breathing and self-esteem. Often times, patients have trouble breathing clearly due to tissue or cartilage blocking airways and rhinoplasty is a quick procedure to fix such issues. Self-esteem also plays a role in a patient's decision to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, as many feel self-conscience about the size or shape of the nose. Making the nose more aesthetically pleasing is the same as getting dental work done to improve features if one is unhappy with his or her appearance.

Breast Reduction for $ 5,300 only

Who Benefits from Breast Reduction?
For the most part, breast reduction procedures are done to relieve pain from the upper body, especially around the back and neck area. In the event that large breasts cause difficulty breathing, this procedure allows that to be fixed as well as lessening the weight on the upper body. For a more cosmetic reason, some women feel uncomfortable with having large breasts for personal or social reasons, and the breast reduction procedure is an ideal solution for any case.

Packages Include: 

  • Tickets and Airfare up to 700 us. If Longer trip or higher rate the difference will be charged to the client
  • Transportation: Airport (José María Córdoba) - Hotel - Airport
  • Company (Healthcare Logistic will be with you during your medical treatment)
  • Transportation: Hotel - Hospital - Hotel
  • Accommodation or Hotel (6 nights per Plastic surgery)
  • Shopping guide - 1 day

Other services that may be provided upon request and under additional charge

  • In-house Nursing
  • Translator 
  • Inter-medical consultation
  • Oral Surgery
  • Medication 
  • Diagnosis Tests
  • Additional city tours

Other services or products not specified in the quote are not included on the rate.

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