Top Notch Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Bangkok Thailand

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Top Notch Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Bangkok Thailand

Top Notch Hip Replacement Surgery Package in Bangkok, Thailand

If your hip has been damaged by arthrosis, a fracture or other problems, usual activities such as walking or standing up/sitting down on a chair can be painful and difficult. The hip can be rigid and even activities such as tying your shoes or putting on your socks can become challenging. You may feel discomfort even during sleep.

If medicines, reducing physical effort in daily activities, and other non-surgical methods still don't help to relieve the symptoms, you can consider the surgical procedure to replace the damaged hip joint. The hip replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can relieve pain and can help you return to normal daily activities. The surgeon will remove the damaged joint surfaces and replace them with plastic or metal implants.

Benefits of the Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Pain relief - significant reduction of pain, and even its disappearance
  • Improved mobility
  • Recovery of the compromised or lost joint function (flexibility, stability)
  • Improves how well the patient's joint works
  • The patient will not struggle with stiffness

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

At Vejthani Hospital, the hip replacement package's price starts from $13,700 and includes 4 nights of hospitalization. The price excludes the travel expenses and the accommodation for post treatment stay in the country.

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