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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in a week at MY DENTIST

Package price starting from: $7000
Treatment: Dentistry, Root Canal
Associated Center: Laser Dental Clinic
Focus Area: Full Mouth Rehabilitation | Dental Treatment | Laser Dental Clinic | India

Accessible Full Mouth Rehabilitation Service in India

This is a concept where after a proper examination and diagnosis a treatment plan is sketched out to fully rehabilitate patient's quality of teeth and associated structures to the maximum possible function and aesthetics.   

  • Number of teeth missing     
  • Number of teeth decayed or carious     
  • Identify loose and mobile teeth      
  • Identify gum disease      
  • Recession of gums      
  • Discoloration of teeth      
  • Crowding and mal-alignment of teeth      
  • Identify the state of oral hygiene      
  • Assess the healthy state of the oral mucosa      

(The skin of the palate, the skin of the under surface of the tongue, tonsil region, inside the cheeks, floor of the mouth, throat, etc are carefully examined to screen any abnormalities.)      


  • All non salvageable teeth are removed     
  • All foci of infection are eliminated, including gum infection     
  • All decayed and carious teeth are restored      
  • All lost teeth are replaced preferably by dental implants or removable flexible dentures     
  • Cosmetic dental treatments are carried out to fulfill the patient's demands     

(To improve on the discoloration of teeth, veneers or teeth whitening is done, Smile correction is performed to eliminate gaps, crowding and mal-alignment and Shape and size of the teeth are redesigned to ones just like the real teeth.)      

This concept is widely becoming popular and it is worth for dental tourists to travel a long way for this major makeover. All what is needed can be discussed before hand and expenses can be worked out time frame and visits required can also be charted out.    
At our centre, "MY DENTIST" , Mumbai, India ...we provide our patients with full mouth rehabilitation packages which are economic and the world’s best products are used.

We also specialise in Laser Dentistry and more and more International patients are opting for this latest modality at our centre.

The Full mouth Rehabilitation can be finished at times in a week and the patient can have a complete smile makeover.

Cost of Full mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth Rehabilitation in 7 DAYS from 3000$ - 7000$

(Without Implants, Surgical procedures)

PFM                                                                                         3000 USD
ZIRKON                                                                                   5000 USD
ZIRKON CAD CAM                                                                 7000 USD

Root canal treatment, Bridges, Implants, Veneers etc can all be managed for a full mouth case in just a few days and hence the concept of Full mouth rehabilitation has taken many steps ahead in the minds of patients who wish to travel abroad for a complete cosmetic smile designing.

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