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Virani Chowk, 1 st Floor, Vidyanagar main road & Commisonor Bunglow road corner, Rajkot, Gujarat, India., Rajkot, India
Price Range: $3690 - $14370
Specialty: Dentistry
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City Dental - Implant Hospital Profile Overview

City Dental - Revolutionizing Modern Dental Care in Rajkot, India

City Dental Hospital in Rajkot has been awarded as the Best Dental Hospital in India for its exceptional services in modern dental care. They provide patients with the latest technologies and innovations in the field of dentistry, all while caring for their smile and overall oral health. With City Dental, patients can take the first step towards a better smile and oral health.

Advanced Implant Surgery - Changing Lives at City Dental in Rajkot, India

City Dental has successfully treated over 24,000 happy patients with their advanced implant surgery techniques. They have 10 doctors on staff and have won over 100 awards for their exceptional services. Since their establishment in 2012, they have completed over 7,000 dental implant surgeries and have treated over 2,300 international patients. City Dental is changing lives with its advanced implant surgery techniques.

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NABH Certified Dental Hospital in Rajkot, India

City Dental is the first and only NABH Accredited Dental Hospital in Saurashtra Kutch. This certification symbolizes patient safety, satisfaction, sterilization, and quality. At City Dental, patients are their top priority, and they strive to provide the best possible care and experience to each patient.

City Dental believes that quality dental care should be affordable for everyone. They provide high-quality treatments at reasonable prices, making dental care accessible to all. Patients can receive exceptional dental care without breaking the bank at City Dental

State-of-the-Art Facilities

City Dental boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including the use of laser technology in dentistry. Laser dentistry causes less pain and discomfort than traditional tools and helps patients heal faster. With their advanced facilities and technologies, patients can trust that they are receiving the best possible care at City Dental.

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City Dental - Implant Hospital, Rajkot, India Profile Details

City Dental Hospital In Rajkot, India

City Dental Pvt. Ltd- Complete Dental Care in Rajkot, India

City Dental Hospital is very well-known for its complete dental care solutions. Patients from different Indian cities, as well as international countries, visit the dental hospital for high-end treatments. City Dental Hospital believes in the "Change your smile, change your life" mantra. That is why they bring dental treatments maintaining the highest industry standards along with the able support of renowned dentists. This helps the hospital to offer the best quality service of international standards with guarantees at affordable prices.

City Dental Hospital guarantees that all the treatments they provide are free of any infection. They have a world-class sterilization system MELAG-GERMANY, which assures this fact. They also have a specialized doctors' team 24x7 at the hospital. In addition, they provide all advanced technology with in-house facilities such as CBCT, OPG, intraoral scanner, and lateral ceph for more perfection in treatment. With all these advanced technologies and the latest infrastructure, they assure minimum time for the patients. For any patient, the waiting time is less than 15 minutes, not more.

Visiting the dental hospital is easy for international patients, as they also provide airport pick-up and drop facilities. So, the patients don't have to worry about their transportation during dental treatment at the hospital.

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City Dental - Implant Hospital Treatments Offered

Comprehensive Dental Treatments

City Dental offers a wide range of dental treatments to cater to the unique needs of their patients. Their services include dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, invisible aligners, smile makeovers, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, pediatric dentistry, braces treatments, and wisdom tooth removal. With their comprehensive approach to dental care, patients can achieve the smile of their dreams.

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City Dental - Implant Hospital Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Meet the Experienced Dentists in Rajkot, India

At City Dental, patients are treated by experienced and skilled dentists. Dr. Anand Jasani, a consultant dental surgeon and implantologist, has a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) and a Master certificate in oral surgery. Dr. Rashmi Jasani, a consultant dental surgeon and C. Orthodontist, has a Bachelor in Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) and a Master certificate in advance orthodontist. Both doctors have the knowledge and expertise to provide top-notch dental care to their patients.

Dr. Anand Jasani - Consultant Dental Surgeon & Implantologist

Dr. Anand Jasani - Consultant Dental Surgeon & Implantologist

Experiences and Educations:

  • Bachelor Of Dental Surgery - B.D.S.
  • Master certificate in oral Surgery-CCOS (Delhi-Academy of dental excellence 2005)
  • Implantology- Apsun Dental Implant Centre (AIC)-Bombay under mentorships of Dr.Ajay Kakker.
  • Advance and extensive training with Dr.Jeon on soft & hard tissue management for Dental Implant procedure-AIC-Mumbai.
  • Certificate in Advance Implantology-ICOI
  • Experience of 13 years with lots of oral surgery.
  • Active participation and sharing dental implant technique to follow dentist across India.
  • Taken lots of pt education program on implant.
  • Working on dental implant since 2002.
  • Taken extensive training in Bone graft & soft tissue graft from Dr. Jeon (S. Korea).
  • Attended regularly all the implant conferences In India and abroad to keep update current.
  • He was holding post president of Indian Dental Association, Junagadh 2005
  • President of Lions Club international at Jetpur in 2007-08
  • Vice President of Indian Jaycees in 2006-07

Dr. Rashmi Jasani - Consultant Dental Surgeon & C. Orthodontist

Dr. Rashmi Jasani - Consultant Dental Surgeon & C. Orthodontist

Experiences and Educations:

  • Bachelor in Dental Surgery - B.D.S.
  • Master certificate in advance orthodentist-CCOO-Academy of dental excellence-2004
  • Master certificate in pediatric dentistry from Dr.Meenakshi Kher at Mumbai in 2011.
  • Life member of Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Very much focus on child dentistry(Believe that every child is unique and precious)
  • Award winner of Bright Smile Bright future Program.

Dr. Sakshi Doshi - (B.D.S. and M.D.S. in Prosthodontics and Implantologist)

Dr. Sakshi Doshi - (B.D.S. and M.D.S. in Prosthodontics and Implantologist)

Dr. Nayneishwariba Rana - Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Nayneishwariba Rana - Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Meera Bhanvadia - Bachelor of Dental Surgery


Dr. Krishna Daka - M.D.S (Periodontics) 

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City Dental - Implant Hospital Testimonials

”The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. They provide time flexibility and attention to each and every patient.I’ve been going with them for a complicated process(root canal which was fractured and they fixed it with in a very short time period as I was in rajkot only for 10 days). Every visit is like visiting friends. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Though it’s a long journey from UK to India, I would still go there for my dental treatment. This is the place where you can find solution of your any dental problem!”

Priti Vyas - London, UK

”I am belong from Morbi. I had lot of problem in last many days. I had problem of chewing, talking and I specially miss my smile. So I came to city dental hospital. I feel stressed before my treatment. But all doctors and staff are so nice and I feel like my home. So I relax and completed all my treatment. And now I am smiling. I really happy and I suggest all people to please come city dental hospital for your dental treatment. Thank You.”

Rupaben Desai - Morbi, India

”Hello...my name is Rashikbhai Raithatha...I had undergone 15 teeth extraction in one sitting... And full mouth implants in same that day... Treatment was completely painless...Dr. Anand Jasani is indeed a best implantologist in Rajkot, Gujarat, and India... treatment done a year before...in 2021... Today I came here for my check up...and it's absolutely all right... Thank you Dr. Anand Jasani for giving me best dental treatment. Hygiene of hospital is best. Painless dental treatment...fast and accurate dental treatment with so much of comfort... Thank you all team of city dental hospital.”

Rashik Raithatha - Veraval, India

”I had problem of missing tooth and pain in my old crowns. I came from Florida. There also I consultant dentist, but I have many dental problems..I came India for my dental treatment... I have few options but among this, I choose city dental hospital as very experienced doctors, staff and very hygienic hospital. Highly equipped dental hospital...Dr. Anand and Dr. Meera are excellent doctors..Thank you team city dental hospital.”

Rasila Panara - Florida, U.S.

”I am really thankful to city dental hospital and team .before coming here I am suffering from so many problems like chewing difficulty and esthetic problem also . But after taking treatment from here I am totally satisfied and very happy.all doctors and staff are to nice so again thank you so much city dental team.”

Rasila Kalaria - USA

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City Dental - Implant Hospital Awards & Recognitions

Awards-City Dental - Rajkot Implant Hospital


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Rajkot, India Destination Overview

Dental Tourism in Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Dental Tourism in Rajkot, Gujarat, India has been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. The city boasts a number of top-tier dental clinics that offer high-quality, affordable dental treatments for both local and international patients.

If you're coming from abroad, the best way to get to Rajkot is by plane. The Rajkot Airport is well-connected to major cities in India and offers direct flights to destinations such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. From the airport, you can take a taxi or hire a car to get to your dental clinic.

If you're traveling within India, you can also get to Rajkot by train. The city is connected to major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad, and there are several trains that run daily. Once you arrive at the Rajkot Railway Station, you can take a taxi or a local bus to get to your dental clinic.

For those who prefer to travel by car, Rajkot is easily accessible by road as well. The city is connected to major cities in Gujarat and neighboring states via a network of highways. You can hire a car or take a taxi to get to your dental clinic once you arrive in Rajkot.

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