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The Finest Diabetic Foot Treatments in Cuba

Package price starting from: $6770
Treatment: Chronic Diseases, Diabetes
Associated Center: PlacidWay Cuba Medical Clinic
, Cuba
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Affordable Diabetic Foot Treatments in Cuba

Diabetic Foot Treatment in Cuba


The Finest Diabetic Foot Treatments in Cuba


Cuba is well-known for their quality medical services, which include highly specialized doctors, good diagnostics and alternative solutions to various diseases. People looking for diabetic foot treatments should consider Cuba, mainly because of the expertise.

Recent breakthroughs in diabetic foot ulcer treatments in Cuba have caused a significant drop in the number of foot amputations due to complications of this disease. The reason for this is a new medicine, called Heberprot-P, a one-of-a-kind treatment, extensively used in Cuba.

Aside from this, all the other treatments for diabetic foot problems are available in Cuba, as well. This includes antibiotic therapy, debridement, angiography and bypass surgery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and even amputation, if necessary. 



  • Stimulates granulation and healing progressive and sustained
  • Reduces the number of surgical interventions
  • Reduces the number of recurrences
  • Reduces healing time and thus derivatives, such as gangrene and infection or super-infection, when the wound is becoming deeper and more tissue debridement is required or may even amputate
  • Reduces costs for hospital stay
  • It increases the quality of life and the functional recovery of the patient.

Stay: 4 weeks

The program includes:

  • Initial evaluation by the attending physician, nursing care.
  • 29 nights of hospital stay in private room, including meals.
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Lodging and meals for companion $60 CUC per day extra
  • Tests:

Laboratory: Complete blood count, Coagulation, Creatinine, Glucose, Hemoglobin, cyturia, HIV, VDRL, full Lipidogram

Microbiology: Microbiological exudate antibiogram

Imaging investigations: Chest X rays, foot X rays, full abdominal ultrasound diagnosis

Cardiology investigations: Electrocardiogram.

Angiology research: Arterial hemodynamic study

  • Application of 15 vials of Heberprot -P
  • Medical Summary at discharge.

Program price: $6770 USD



Benefits of Diabetic Foot Treatment in Cuba


  • Highly-skilled Cuban doctors
  • New and alternative medication and treatments
  • Unlike elsewhere, in Cuba only a small number of people have to have their feet amputated due to diabetic foot problems and complications
  • A wide variety of treatments available


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