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Liver Transplant Package in Ankara Turkey

Package price starting from: $75000
Treatment: Organ Transplant, Liver Transplant
Associated Center: Guven Hospital
Simsek Sok. No:29, Kavaklidere, Turkey
Focus Area: Liver Transplant | Organ Transplant Abroad | Liver Failure Treatment | Chronic Liver Failure | Liver Cancer Treatment | Ankara, Turkey

Liver Transplant, Organ Transplant Abroad, Liver Failure Treatment, Chronic Liver Failure, Liver Cancer Treatment, Ankara, Turkey

Liver Transplant Package in Ankara, Turkey

Liver Transplant Package in Ankara, Turkey

liver transplant is a surgical procedure in which a patient’s diseased liver (or those who have liver failure) is replaced with a healthy liver either from a donor (usually related to the recipient). The new liver takes over the removal of waste products in the body and the production of bile, a substance responsible for breaking down fats in the small intestine.  

In Turkey, there is a law that indicates that the donor should be at least 4th degree relative of the patient. Therefore, the patient is advised that he or she should bring their own donor.

Liver Transplant is recommended for individuals who have:

  • Chronic liver failure
  • End-stage liver failure
  • Liver cancer

Benefits of Living Donor Liver Transplant

  • Short waiting-time
  • Enables the transplantation of the most suitable liver
  • Increases the success rate of the surgical operation and the transplantation
  • The half-livers both in donor and the recipient regenerate themselves within a couple of weeks.
  • Within a few days of the operation, even before the completion of the regeneration process, the large reserve of the liver enables the half-liver to begin functioning with normal capacity.

Package price

The price for the liver transplant package offered by Guven Hospital, starts at $75,000.

Why choose Guven Hospital?

  • State of the art infrastructure and quality management
  • Highly trained and experienced medical staff
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Each patient receives prompt and personal care
  • Medical procedures with faster recovery time

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