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Affordable Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment Package in Kiev, Ukraine

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Package Price : $12000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : Institute of Cell Therapy

Location : 3 Komarova prospect (Medgorodok) Kiev, Ukraine 03680

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Affordable Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment Package in Kiev, Ukraine

What is Anti-Aging Program?

Exclusive characteristic of Anti-aging Program is applying establish cellular material and also placenta removed for revitalization of the complete organism without utilization of prescription medication and also medical involvement. Latest idea of rejuvenation(anti-aging treatment) is founded on verified capability of stem cells to speed up also to encourage rejuvenation. Regeneration strength (continued division) of individual cells after 40-50 many years will start to reduce quickly, in spite of genetically automated higher separation prospective. Cellular and cells rejuvenation deceleration is the ground of organism growing older.

As a rule, this program is recommended when people are in the age of about 40 years, although the indications, independent of age, are the following:

  • decrease of intellectual and physical abilities
  • general fatigue
  • weakening of immune system
  • malnutrition of vegetative nervous system as a result of stress
  • depression, sleeplessness
  • chronic diseases: migraine, headache, neuralgia, back pain, sciatic nerve inflammation,
  • rehabilitation after surgery and diseases.

While stem tissues and also placenta removed are launched into organism, increase twofold impact occurs: inserted cells start to function intensively by themselves, regenerating and also refreshing growing olderinternal organs and also tissues, and also they release the system, that allows "rejuvenation" and also stimulation of previously current organism stem cells. Revitalization works very successfully, also it possesses stepwise personage.

Why Choose Us?

Institute of Cellular Therapy is a scientific-research and also professional medical-diagnostic service, which is the foundation for center, that was set up a long time ago in Kiev. Professionals of the Institute of Cellular Therapy created and also launched into health care exercise the most recent medical accomplishments in the category of cellular technology, cryomedicine and also non-medicinal ways of therapy. Exclusive individual methodics of stem cells treatment are guarded with many patents and also accreditation of popularity. they already have acquired worldwide acknowledgement and have shown great performance in medical technique.

Results that were achieved after the program will be retained during several years.

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