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Facial Feminization for Transgenders in Guadalajara, Mexico

Package price starting from: $4000
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
Focus Area: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Transgender Facial Surgery | Facial Feminization | Transgender Plastic Surgery MTF & FTM | Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics | Guadalajara Mexico

Facial Feminization, Transgender Plastic Surgery, Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics, Guadalajara, Mexico

Facial Feminization in Guadalajara, Mexico

Facial Feminization for Transgenders at Ruby® Surgery & Aesthetics in Guadalajara, Mexico

At Ruby®Surgery & Aesthetics, they care about understanding the needs of the patients and offer services in order to achieve maximum satisfaction with the results obtained. They give the best support to live as you want. The clinic is always at your service  Facial Surgery care in Transgender Patients in the following areas:

  • Hairline Advance
  • Frontal remodeling
  • Eyebrow and eyelid surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Placement of facial implants
  • Facial refinement
  • Definition and lip trimming
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Jaw Remodeling
  • Chin Remodeling
  • Thyroid cartilage remodeling (Adam's apple)
  • Among other procedures ..

Cost of FACIAL FEMINIZATION in Guadalajara, Mexico

How much does this treatment cost ?

The cost of FACIAL FEMINIZATION starts from $4,000 approximately*.  This will depend on the surgical procedures to be done in each patient.  You may communicate with your surgeon to carry on an analysis of your particular case in order to address the surgeries you will need to achieve your goals.

Length of Stay: Surgeon's advice is to consider 1-2 weeks of stay from the surgery in order to travel back home without difficulties.  This will depend on the surgical procedures to be done in each patient. 

All costs include:

  • Preoperative lab work
  • Professional fees for the surgical team (treating physicians, assistant surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses).
  • Drugs administered and medical goods employed during surgery and hospital stay.*
  • Hospital room, right for surgery room and the rent of special equipment for surgery.   Patients usually stay at the hospital one night after the surgery.
  • All post-surgical consultations during the recovery period. 

The costs do not include:

  • Preoperative evaluation by Internist and/or Cardiologist doctor if necessary.
  • Medications to take at home.
  • Post-surgical facial / body therapies.
  • Hotel or recovery houses.
  • Airfare.

Payment Options:  Cash, credit card, wire transfer.


  • DEFINITIVE QUOTE is given with patient consultation/pics.
  • The present costs are related to medications normally used, time spent in the surgery room and hospital care measures are taken to provide optimal medical attention.  These prices are quoted in the United States official currency (dollar) and have a limited time frame to be valid.  You may ask our staff for more info about this issue.
  • To book surgery date patients must pay a % of the total budget specified by our staff in advance; date and time availability are subject to the date the payment is made.
  • Special commissions might apply for credit card payments.  You may ask our staff more info about this issue.

Guarantee of service

All implants used by Ruby® Surgery & Aesthetics team of professionals are of the best quality and are supported and guaranteed by the manufacturing company.

Any retouching or reoperation is free of charge by the surgical team; hospital costs and medical supplies are covered by the patient

This guarantee is valid for the next 6 months from the date of the surgery.

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