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Cheap Prices for Drug Addiction Treatment in Alentejo Portugal by Tabula Rasa Retreat

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Estrada de Alcaria , Vidigueira, Alentejo, Alentejo, Portugal

About Tabula Rasa Retreat

Clinical Excellence in Ibogaine Treatment in Portugal, one of the World’s Safest Countries     Welcome to Tabula Rasa Retreat, a benchmark in Europe for its clinical expertise in Ibogaine-based treatments. Our center is a specialized institution dedicated to addressing both substance and behavioural addictions, alongside a range of mental health challenges.   Our primary specialization lies in leveraging the therapeutic potential of Ibogaine, a potent compound derived from the African Tabernanthe Iboga shrub. Scientifically recognized for its ability to reset the brain's neural pathways, Ibogaine has showcased pronounced efficacy in treating:   - Substance dependencies such as opioids, stimulants, alcohol, and nicotine - Behavioural addictions including gambling, shopping, and codependence - Mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, anhedonia, anxiety, OCD, executive burnout, and eating disorders   Our ce

Tabula Rasa Retreat Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Ibogaine Therapy Tabula Rasa Retreat offers a powerful way to recover from addiction with iboga plant medicine in a medicalized and holistic setting, effectively interrupting addiction. $7200
Drug Addiction Tabula Rasa Retreat offers a uniquely powerful way of recovering from addiction: iboga plant medicine in a medicalised and holistic therapeutic setting. Let us show you how. $8250
Alcohol Addiction Ibogaine shows potential in tackling alcoholism by delving into the underlying psychological and emotional factors that contribute to addiction. Its anti-craving properties make it a promising addition to comprehensive addiction treatment strategies. $8250
Gambling Addiction Ibogaine has shown promise in tackling gambling addiction. By delving into the underlying factors behind addiction and providing anti-craving effects, it offers a unique approach to comprehensive treatment for individuals grappling with gambling disorders $8250
Cocaine Addiction Ibogaine demonstrates efficacy in addressing stimulant addiction, notably cocaine. It assists in uncovering the underlying factors contributing to the addiction while also exhibiting anti-craving properties. $8250
Heroin Addiction Withdrawal free detox from heroin addiction. Ibogaine affectively addresses heroin addiction by managing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It is valuable therapeutic tool in comprehensive addiction treatment. Our client testimonials prove that. $8250
Bulimia Ibogaine's potential in treating eating disorders like bulimia is an emerging area of research, with some studies suggesting it may help by addressing underlying emotional issues and promoting neural plasticity with positve outcomes. $8250
Methadone Addiction Ibogaine therapy effectively mitigates short-acting opioid withdrawal symptoms. Our approach prepares individuals for ibogaine detox, suitable for long-acting opioids like methadone. $8250
Psycho-Spiritual Treatment - Ibogaine Therapy Ibogaine, a powerful psychoactive substance, can be integrated with psycho-spiritual treatments to provide a transformative healing experience. This combination allows individuals to explore deep within themselves, addressing addiction at its core while f $8250
Ibogaine Therapy Ibogaine holds promise for addressing executive burnout. Ibogaine offers introspective experiences that can help individuals confront burnout's root causes, regain balance, and renew their professional passion. $8250
Ibogaine Therapy Ibogaine is showing great promise with treating PTSD. This psychoactive substance may aid individuals in processing trauma in a controlled setting. This is a novel path to PTSD healing and recovery and is proving to be very effective.. $8250

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    i know iboga helps with opiate addiction. i hope i will get enaugh monet to go at least 1 week

    Nov 10 2018
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    Amazing start to finish

    Facebook Dec 01 2019
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    Had an amazing time in an outstanding location with a very professional team of staff and therapists .would thoroughly recommend

    Google Reviews Jan 13 2021