Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic Treatment Cost in New Delhi India

Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic

Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic

New Delhi, India

230,Hauz Rani Malviya Nagar New Delhi Delhi

Medical Procedure Prices in New Delhi by Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic

Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic

Get Rid of Substance Abuse at Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic, New Delhi, India   Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic, located in New Delhi, India, has been founded by Dr. Faheem Shah Khan, better known as Dr. Mohd. Shoaib Khan. He has invented Efficacious Medicines Completely Tested to assist intoxication addicted people to get rid of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs. The medicine has done succesfully well on people who have used it. There is no withdrawal syndrome in any of them. The doctor has been able to completely eleminate the urge for intoxicants from his patients. He has produced aversion to substance abuse to compensate the harms done to body by intoxicants. The medication procedure do not have any side effect nor their own dependency. Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic aims to provide highest quality care that best suits each patient’s personal needs and health requirements. The center has been working hard towards making dental visit more pleasant, comfortable and safe at affordable Read More

Alfarooq Toxicure Clinic Pricings:

Urology Procedure Details Price in USD
smoking/chewing Tobacco $700
Alcohol Addiction treatment (For full course of 2 months medication) $2000
Smack, Heroin, Methadone and all opates $3000
Smack, Heroin, Methadone and all opiates(For full course of three months medication.) $3000
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