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Clinista Hair Clinic

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Clinista Hair Clinic

One-Stop Solution to Hair Transplant and Dental Care at Clinista Hair Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey Clinista Hair Clinic, Istanbul, aims to provide high-quality dental care and hair transplant solutions. The clinic provides efficient methods of hair transplant and dental treatment at affordable costs and their staff offers highest standards of medical treatment and care to the patients. Every valuable members of the healthcare team is expert in their specialized fields and deliver wonderful results. Clinista is committed to provide patient-focused service that is safe and effective for them at the same time. Specialist physicians at the clinic have many years of experience and focus primarily on patient care and target top quality results for maximum patient satisfaction. Medical staffs are utmost caring and coordinate best to serve as the solution partner in medical tourism for hair transplant, hair health and dental treatment at the best competitive price. Treatment Read More

Clinista Hair Clinic Pricings:

Dentistry Procedure Details Price in USD
Hair Restoration and Transplantation Prices change according to the condition of patient...1900 USD is an average price including hotel,transfers,transplant surgery,PRP and post-op care package $1900
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