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AB Plastic Surgery Treatment Cost in Seoul South Korea

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3-4F, BLOCK77, 17 Seocho-daero 77-gil, Seocho District, South Korea, 06614, Seoul, South Korea
Price Range: $1500 - 15000
Specialty: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

About AB Plastic Surgery

AB Plastic Surgery is a leading cosmetic surgery clinic in Seoul, South Korea, that has established a reputation for excellence and exceptional results. The clinic provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures to help patients achieve their desired look and boost their confidence. Whether you are interested in facial contouring, breast surgery, or non-surgical treatments, the doctors at AB Plastic Surgery are dedicated to providing personalized care and desired results. One of the key advantages of AB Plastic Surgery is the quality of care that patients receive. The clinic employs some of the most experienced and skilled plastic surgeons in South Korea, with a wealth of experience performing various cosmetic surgery procedures. The doctors at AB Plastic Surgery take the time to listen to each patient's goals and concerns and work closely with them to create a treatment plan tailored to their individual needs. Patients can expect personalized care and attention through

AB Plastic Surgery Pricings:

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Cost for nose bridge and tip $4800
Eyelid Surgery Non-incision $2800
Eyelid Surgery Incision $2960
Eyelid Surgery Epicanthoplasty $1100
Eyelid Surgery Lateral Canthoplasty $1100
Eyelid Surgery Under Eye Fat Re-positioning $2570
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Revision Rhinoplasty $5900
Face Lift V-line Surgery $7600
Face Lift Cheekbone $7600
Face Lift Full Face $13400
Face Lift Elasticum Lifting (Face) $5600
Forehead Contouring Endotine (Forehead Lifting) $6500
Liposculpture Accusculp (One Part) $2270
Liposuction Thigh $8100
Liposuction Abdominal $6500
Liposuction Arm $4500

AB Plastic Surgery Reviews

  • Andrew H

    A thorough procedure and care. With amiable boss and staff. Taiwan is full of satisfaction. I'm back in Sydney and everyone is jealous that surgery went well.
    Glad to be back to where I live without major discomfort and good results after a thorough procedure and post maintenance. Dr Bae turned back the time. Thank you!

    AB Plastic Surgery Feb 04 2023


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