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Clinica MER Treatment Cost in Mexico City,Ciudad de Mexico Mexico

3 Reviews
Tepic 139 Int. 307, Roma Sur, Del. Cuauhtemoc 06760., Mexico City,Ciudad de Mexico 06760, Mexico
Price Range: $75 - 3125
Specialty: Anti Aging, Stem Cell Therapy

About Clinica MER

Clinica MER is a regenerative and aesthetic medicine clinic located in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico. The clinic is led by Dr. Adriana Gudino, a board-certified specialist in regenerative and aesthetic medicine with over 10 years of experience in the field. Dr. Gudino and her team of highly trained professionals provide patients with a wide range of innovative treatments and personalized care that aim to enhance their physical appearance, boost their self-confidence, and improve their overall quality of life. The clinic's state-of-the-art facilities offer patients a warm and welcoming environment that ensures their comfort and relaxation throughout their visit. The clinic's team is dedicated to providing each patient with individualized care that is tailored to their unique needs and goals. Whether patients are looking for a simple cosmetic treatment or a more complex regenerative procedure, Clinica MER has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

Clinica MER Pricings:

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Details Price in USD
Stem Cell Infusion 50 Million Stem Cells $
Stem Cell Infusion 100 Million Stem Cells $
Stem Cell Infusion 28 Million Stem Cells $
Stem Cell Infusion 7 Million Stem Cells $
Stem Cell Infusion 3 Billion Exosomes with amino acids $
Stem Cell Infusion 2 Billion Exosomes with amino acids $375
Cartilage Regeneration Stem Cell Therapy 1 Billion Exosomes with hialuconic acid for articulations $
Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatments 1 Billion Exosomes with hialuronic acid for facial procedure $315
Stem Cell Treatment for Vision This drops are with Exosomes that goes good with Exosomes Infusion Therapy $95
Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Disease Hinalinated Exosomes goes good with Infusion Therapy $315
Skin Resurfacing 5x5cm $
Skin Resurfacing 10x5cm $228
Skin Resurfacing 10x10cm $407
Botox Botox top part of the face, chest or jaw $220
Botox Treatment Botox top part of the face, chest or jaw $220
Face Lift Cosmetic Face Lifting with Sculptra $950
Brazilian Butt Lift Cosmetic Butt Lift with Sculptra $2815
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for Skin Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for Skin $75
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for Hair Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for Hair $75
Mesotherapy Mesotherapy $95
Liposculpture Reductive Mesotherapy $220
Liposculpture Firming Mesotherapy $220
Medical Facials Dewlap Reduction $95
Fillers Dark circles / Jaw / Nose / Chin / Lips / Nasolabial folds $250

Clinica MER Reviews

  • Toni G R

    Dr. Gudiño offered me a lot of improvement in my knees with exosome treatment, she explained to me step by step what she was going to do and Woow!! I am happy with the results!!! Nothing hurts anymore!! Amazing !!! Grateful !!!

    Clinica MER Jan 06 2023
  • Rafael E

    Dra. Adriana I want to thank you for your kind and above all professional attention to me and my Father! My family and I admire her and thank her for helping us regain our quality of life! God bless you!

    Clinica MER Jan 09 2023
  • Adriana R

    I have been lucky enough to follow Dr. Adriana Gudiño very closely for several years, applying some treatments for me and my family, it is she who applies Botox, Stem Cells and on this last occasion she applied a treatment with Exosomes, I My blood pressure was a bit high, my pressure was regularized with this treatment. I can say that she is a person committed to what she does because she already has more than 15 years of experience, she has always been punctual and very kind with me, in addition to explaining the treatments to apply very carefully, I highly recommend her.

    Clinica MER Feb 20 2023


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