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Asia Cosmetic Hospital Treatment Cost in Bangkok Thailand

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1 Soi Rattanathibeth30 Rattanathibeth Road Bangkrasor, Mueng, Nonthaburi, Thailand 11000, Bangkok 11000, Thailand

About Asia Cosmetic Hospital

Asia Cosmetic Hospital prices range between $1000 - $23000 in Bangkok, Thailand for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery procedures and more. This range shows the clinic's promise to offer affordable, top-quality care to a wide range of local and international patients.

By offering a variety of pricing options, Asia Cosmetic Hospital ensures that patients can choose treatments that not only meet their medical needs but also fit their financial situations. This approach helps to demystify healthcare costs and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their treatment options in Bangkok, Thailand

Asia Cosmetic Hospital is renowned for its exceptional expertise in delivering Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery procedures and more. The clinic boasts a team of highly skilled professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to using the latest technologies and techniques.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Cosmetic Hospital has established a reputation for excellence and outstanding patient care. Whether you're seeking advanced treatments or comprehensive support, Asia Cosmetic Hospital ensures that every patient receives personalized attention and care tailored to their specific needs.

Asia Cosmetic Hospital Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Sex Change Operation SRS 0 Type A External Correction $8500, $8500
Sex Change Operation SRS 1 Type B Penile Inversion $8,300 $8300
Sex Change Operation SRS 2 Type C Scrotal Skin Graft $12,000 $12000
Thigh Lift Thigh Lift 125,000 THB $3500
Buttock Enlargement Buttock Implants 180,000 THB $5000
Forehead Lift Forehead lift procedure 150,000 THB $4200
Tummy Tuck Surgery Tummy Tuck PROMO 155,000 to 180,000 THB $4500
Brazilian Butt Lift Brazilian Butt Lift PROMO 180,000 THB $5000
Facial Feminization Cheek Bone Reduction + Shaving 152,500 THB $4300
Sleeve Gastrectomy Gastric Sleeve 350,000 THB $10000
Liposuction Arms Liposuction 65,000 THB $1800
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty : Nose Implant + Tip Plasty + Alar plasty PROMO 70,000 THB $2000
Labiaplasty Labiaplasty 47,000 THB $1300
Breast Reduction Breast Reduction PROMO 138,000 THB $3900
Face Lift SMAS mid and lower Facelift + Neck lift - PROMO 185,000 THB $5200
S Mini Face Lift Mini / Mid Facelift 136,800 THB $3900
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Open Rhinoplasty by ribs cartilage 180,000 THB $5000
Eyelid Surgery Upper blepharoplasty PROMO 55,000 THB $1550
Breast Lift Breast Lift procedure 155,000 to 180,000 THB $4500
Breast Implants Mentor Round Shape 400cc 95,000 THB $2700
Facial Feminization V-line 152,500 THB $4500
Liposuction Abdomen & Waist 120,000 THB Procedure by Vaser + Bodytite + PAL $3300
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Nose Reconstruction / Reduction 152,000 THB $4300
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty Open Rhinoplasty by ear cartilage 160,000 THB $4500
Liposuction 360 Liposuction (Abdomen, Waist, Back) 160,000 THB $4500
Breast Augmentation Motiva Popular 400cc 120,000 THB $3400
Liposuction Waist Liposuction 65,000 THB $1800
Liposuction Back Liposuction 65,000 THB $1800
Chin Liposuction Chin Liposuction 65,000 THB $1800
Facial Feminization Jaw Angle Reduction + Shaving 152,500 THB $4500
Liposuction Gynecomastia / Chest liposuction 65,000 THB $1800
Liposuction Thigh Liposuction (Inner + Outer) 95,000 THB $2700
Breast Augmentation Motiva Ergonomix (with chip) 400cc 180,000 THB $5000
Vaginoplasty Vaginoplasty 120,000 THB $3400
Eyelid Surgery Lower blepharoplasty 55,000 THB $1500
Forehead Contouring Forehead Contouring 150,000 THB $4200
Sex Change Operation SRS 3 Type D Colon Vaginoplasty $16,100 $16100
Sex Change Operation SRS 4 Revised Colon Vaginoplasty $23,000 $23000
Facial Implants Cheek Implants 35,000 THB $1000
Calf Implants Calf Implants 250,000 THB $7000

Asia Cosmetic Hospital Reviews

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    Anita E

    Procedure : Abdomen and Arms Liposuction


    I have been so impressed by the work process, starting with communication when I first started researching hospitals.
    When arriving at the hospital I was made to feel very comfortable and reassured, which made me feel very confident going into surgery.
    Overall a great experience and would definitely come back and recommend.

    Apr 12 2024
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    SRS 3

    Dear Hospital Teams,

    Thank you for the wonderful experience and for the professional surgical and medical care you have provided for me.

    I am grateful and really appreciate the hard and skilled care each of you have done for me.

    I am looking forward to seeing you again in about two months.

    Thank you all so much for helping me change my life.

    With gratitude and highest respect,

    Apr 21 2024
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    SRS 2

    In One Word was "AMAZING" .
    Staff were exceptional and were on hand from start to finish.
    Doctor Tanosak I can say is one of the nicest person I have met. He treated me as an equal from start to finish. What an incrediable Gentleman and so down to Earth.

    The staff could not have been better. Chosen to work at this place as they were amazing, funny and great to be with.

    On a final note I can not think of one negative moment on my trip here and would likle to thank everyone there on their kindness, especially ( Donut , Candy , Alex and Scooter - Sorry should be Snooker- was wanting to go on the scooter LOL ).

    Again Guys Thank you for such a memorable time.

    Apr 21 2024