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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Plastic Surgery in Thailand

, Thailand

Plastic Surgery in Thailand Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Prices in Thailand

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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

  Welcome to Plastic Surgery in Thailand   Plastic Surgery in Thailand, located in Thailand, has won a reputation of offering high quality and safe plastic surgery at affordable prices. The standard of the operating rooms is equivalent to the standard of an universal hospital, fitted with modern medical equipment and the Hepa air filter system. Besides plastic surgery, the hospital also offers dermatology procedures and dental check-up. Dental center Patients who come here for plastic surgery can also have a dental check-up on the same day. The oral health plays an important role in the overall body's health. A gum infection for example can have a negative impact upon the success of you plastic surgery, because the infection is also present in the bloodstream. That is why the surgeons advise having a dental checkup before surgery. Dermatology center For those who want to have a flawless skin, Plastic Surgery in Thailand has modern equipment suc Read More

Plastic Surgery in Thailand Pricings:

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Breast Lift Breast Lift $2966
Breast Reduction Breast Reduction $2966
Nipple Reduction or Areola Reduction $849 - $1,485 $849
Gynecomastia Gynecomastia $5933
Sex Change Operation Sex Change Operation $8063
Labiaplasty $547 - $845 $547
Vaginoplasty $675 - $1,269 $675
Buttock Enlargement Buttock Enlargement $5432
Buttock Lift one side $2928
Arm Lift Arm Lift $2118
Tummy Tuck Surgery Tummy Tuck Surgery $3221
Liposuction $1,693 - $1,736 $1693
Chin Implant USA silicone stnadard - $590 / Grade A - $1,269 / Korea Silicone - $1,693 $590
Neck Lift Neck Lift $2966
Cheek Surgery cheek bone reduction - $3,390 $3390
Forehead Lift Forehead Lift $2966
Face Lift mid-face lift $2966
Dimple Creation Dimple Creation $335
Lip Implant lip augmentation - $590 / by laser - $1,099 $590
Eyelid Surgery Double Eyelid 3 dots - $675 / Laser - $1,099 / upper or lower eyelid - $675 - $1,269 $675
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty I-Dol Nose Standard - $590 / I-Dol Nose  Premium - $760 / Princess Nose Standard - $845 / Princess Nose - $1,099 $590
Breast Implants French silicone - $2,542 / USA silicone - $3,306 - $4,070 / tear drop - $5,475 - $7,597 $2542
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