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Gujarat State Highway 41 Ahmedabad 380005, Ahmedabad, India
Specialty: Dentistry
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Brij Dental Clinic Profile Overview

Brij Dental Clinic, Ahmedabad, IndiaWelcome to Brij Dental Clinic


Brij Dental Clinic, located in Ahmedabad, India, provides comprehensive dental care and deals with every dental issue. Being 11 years into Dental Care, the clinic specializes in all field of dentistry. The clinic deals with realistic treatment protocols and offers you the correct combination dental Care and Dental treatment. This Gujarat based cosmetic dental clinic provides Cosmetic dental treatment and smile designing dental treatment with Clear path Aligner treatment, Ceramic Veeners, cosmetic tooth bonding and Teeth whitening services.

Brij Dental Clinic provides you with personalized treatment plants at reasonable cost the clinic is known to maintain hundred percent hygienic standard and true white optimum safety and comfort to the patient. They execute latest and state of the art dental technology and Quality Cosmetic Dentistry at an affordable price.


Treatments and procedures

•    Dental Implant Treatment

•    Fix Teeth on Dental Implant

•    Fix Denture on Dental Implants

•    Artificial Teeth

•    Ceramic Teeth

•    Teeth Whitening

•    Fixed Denture

•    Cosmetic Dentistry

•    Painless Root Canal Treatment

•    Braces

•    Laser Gum Treatment



If you need more information about the treatments and procedures offered by Brij Dental Clinic, do not hesitate to contact us.



  • jignisha

    Received nano composite light cure filling most advance technology under rubber dam for my son. Very happy with quality and service. Thank you Brij sir.

    Google Sep 22 2021
  • Patel

    My canine was outside jaw and my smile was irregular. Which was corrected at Brij dental clinic with advance fast braces. My mother also received filling and painless root canal which was nicely done by Dr brijesh. So overall best braces done and advance rootcanal dental service.

    Google Oct 21 2021
  • Manubhai

    Received dental implant treatment for my back molars. My case was difficult considering only 5mm bone in lower molar available while upper molar had sinus nearby. Still both the implants were successfully places and restored by Dr Brijesh. I highly recommend their clinic for difficult dental implant cases. cost of implant was very economic n treat ment was top standard dentist.

    Google Nov 10 2021

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