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Vita Hair | Clinica Capilar Profile Overview

We specialized solely and specifically in hair medicine: we offer our patients the definite solution to baldness through follicular units implants. We also offer hair loss prevention and recovery treatments. Our medical excellence is guaranteed by our trust in what we do and by our permanent research to improve ourselves even more. Do not hesitate in asking for your free consultation and be on your way to getting hair micro implant.
At  Dr. Luis Palmarino’s Hair Clinic we invest all of our time in scientific and cosmetic research with one and only purpose: the definite solution to baldness, moved by our professionalism and with the help of the last technological and medical research developments. This has led us to perfecting the hair micro transplant method in culture medium, a revolutionary discovery for the scientific community throughout the world. We also have plasma rich in platelets, the last finding in plastic surgery and hair micro implant. Today, this discovery makes us one of the most important and prestigious centres of hair recovery both in a national and international level.
We offer personalized attention, allowing hair tissue recovery through the hair by hair implant and the exclusive medical treatment VitaHair.
The excellent aesthetic results, allow hair recovery and a treatment against hair loss and so they become the definite solution to androgenetic alopecia and other kinds of baldness, in male or female patients.
We also offer eyebrows transplants –to solve different conditions- and post-lifting sideburns correction.
VitaHair is different from other hair treatments because it includes an adequate and balanced diet for the patient. Among the most important micronutrients are vitamin A, vitamin B, biotin, vitamin C, copper, iron, zinc and chromium. The most important macronutrients are proteins.
It is also important to mention the importance of physical exercise in hair recovery.
How is it done? First, the patient is accurately diagnosed and then, the hair mesotherapy is applied according to the clinical chart, which establishes the following frequencies for interfollicular injections:
·         (1) Once a month
·         (2) Twice a month
·         (3) Three times a month
·         (4) Four times a month
Transplant of the Brows
In cases of absence of brows or unevenly grown brows, it is today possible to reconstruct a pleasant looking brows with hair transplant. The transplant of brows is an application derived from hair transplant.
Only one hair needs to be transplanted at a time. The orientation of the incision must be perfectly done to receive the hair.
Usually, hair is being used, but in cases where it is workable, hairs from the arm or the chest, extracted according to the FUE (Follicular Unit Extract) technique, may be used. The hair is cut at a length of one cm so as to to be able to perfectly adjust its orientation in the incision.
In most cases, we use hair from the nape of the neck as these are thinner than hair from the other areas. Furthermore, their texture is closer to that of the brows.
Moustache Transplant
In most cases, the transplant is done to hide the scar from a harelip. As for the brows, the implantation must be done with one hair at a time.
The hair is cut at a length of one cm so as to to be able to perfectly adjust its orientation in the incision. The technique provides excellent results and it is possible to immediately appreciate the obtained result.
Transplant of hairs on the pubis
The technique is similar to that for the transplant of hair, brows or moustaches.
It is painless and it is performed with local anaesthesia.
It takes only one session of approximately 3 or 4 hours.
It is natural and it lasts for a lifetime.
It does not require follow-up maintenance.
Unlike other centers, we have a nurse anesthetist and cardiologist doctor monitoring throughout the entire procedure.
To ensure the patient’s safety and support, we perform all of the procedures in highly equipped operating rooms at clinics and medical facilities, although the surgeries are ambulatory.