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Dr. Salah Riyal Dental Clinic in Amman, Jordan Offers Dentistry

37 Saad Bin Abi Waqqas St. Amman, Jordan, Amman, Jordan
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Care | Restorative Dentistry | Dental Crowns | Dental Implants | Root Canal | Dr. Salah Riyal Dental Clinic | Amman | Jordan

Dr. Salah Riyal Dental Clinic Profile Overview

Dr. Salah Riyal Dental ClinicBest Dental Treatment at Dr. Salah Riyal Dental Clinic, Amman, Jordan

Dr. Salah Riyal Dental Clinic, located in Amman, Jordan provides a wide range of oral health care services to patients. The clinic specializes in the replacement of missing teeth through fixed and removable appliances and dental implants placement. The skilled, professional and well-behaved staff of the dental clinic assures best services in dental health care in a very non-stressful and comforting ambiance.

The clinic has all the essential facilities for the patients like air conditioning in all treatment rooms, cinema/movies are played during the treatment of the patients, and free private parking are given to the patients. Also, there is a post-treatment relaxation room available for the patients to ease off before they leave the clinic.

Dr. Salah Riyal Dental Clinic uses technological support such as Panoramic X-ray (OPG), Cephalometric X-ray (CEPH), STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia / Wand), Intraoral X-ray (Bitewing), and Individual Articulator (Face Bow) devices for diagnosis, and a Digital Shade-Matching, APEX Locator, Intraoral Camera, and Soft Laser (Picasso) for medical treatment facilities. Dentists at the clinic target patient satisfaction and assure it before the patients leave the clinic. All of the dental staffs are specialists in their respective fields within dentistry and hold relevant knowledge and experience.

Treatments and Procedures

  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Braces
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dentures
  • Dental Bridges
  • Extractions
  • Dental Fillings
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Dental Whitening
  • Root Canal

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